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Published articles/books 2011

  • The changing role of emerging market banks
    Neeltje van Horen
    In: Thorsten Beck (ed.), The Future of Banking, 2011, CEPR/VoxEU-eBook, 77-83

  • The Economics of Bank Bankruptcy Law
    Matej Marinc and Razvan Vlahu
    2011, Springer

  • How has the financial crisis affected the eurozone accession outlook in central and eastern Europe?
    J.M. Lewis
    In: Wim Meeusen (ed.), The Economic Crisis and European Integration, 2011, Edward Elgar

  • Risk identification and mitigation: lessons from the crisis
    Aerdt Houben and Jan Kakes
    In: Frank Browne, David T. Llewellyn and Philip Molyneux (eds.), Regulation and Banking after the Crisis, SUERF Studies 2011/2, 79-94

  • Regulating credit rating agencies in the European Union
    Fabian Amtenbrink and Jakob de Haan
    In: F. Delimatsis and N. Herger (eds.), Financial Regulation at the Crossroads: Implications for Supervision, Institutional Design and Trade, 2011, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 97-122

  • Private trade credit insurers during the crisis: The invisible banks
    Koen van der Veer
    In: Jean-Pierre Chauffour and Mariem Malouche (eds.), Trade Finance during the Great Trade Collapse, 2011, Washington DC: The World Bank, 199-212

  • Systemicness of insurance companies: cross-border aspects and policy implications
    A.C.F.J. Houben and M.S. Teunissen
    In: P. Liedtke and J. Monkiewicz (eds.), The Future of Insurance Regulation and Supervision, 2011, Palgrave Macmillan