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Additional documents required for assessment of crypto service providers

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Published: 05 July 2022

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We ask you to also submit information about the recruitment and selection procedure and the decision-making and considerations regarding the appointment when applying for an initial assessment.

During the transitional period for registration of crypto service providers, the application form for an assessment or initial assessment in the context of registration as a crypto service provider, this information was as yet not requested. Now that the transitional period is over, the next release of the application form will include this request.

In anticipation of this change, we ask that you submit these documents now, because they provide additional information about the candidate’s fitness, which will enable the assessment process to proceed more quickly.

Regarding the recruitment and selection procedure, we ask you to provide a description of the actual recruitment and selection process. For example, whether you engaged the services of a recruitment agency, the number of candidates selected and the considerations in selecting the final candidate.

The considerations for the appointment mainly concern the management board’s rationale as to why a candidate is fit for the intended position. In any event, there must be a link with the requirements set out in the job profile.

You can upload this information in the DLT under Additional data.