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DNB Cash Centre

The DNB Cash Centre stores cash and gold. From this building, DNB supplies banknotes and coins to banks, ATMs and shops across the country.

Cashcentrum, Zeist

The DNB Cash Centre is a new, highly secured facility for storing cash and gold. Located on a military compound near the town of Zeist, the building was taken into use in May 2023.

Gold vault

DNB’s gold vault holds 14,000 gold bars of 12.5 kilograms each and a thousand crates of gold coins. The total weight of all that gold is 200,000 kilos and it is worth €10.4 billion (May 2023). Read more about our gold. 

Banknote stock and counterfeit detection

The DNB Cash Centre holds a large stock of banknotes. Together, these are worth €4.5 billion (May 2023). The facility also has a large stock of euro coins. Security transport companies pick up banknotes and coins from the Cash Centre and take them to banks, ATMs and shops. The DNB Cash Centre also houses a large sorting room, and there’s a team of experts who investigate and register counterfeit banknotes. Read more about the banknotes.

Why did we need a new Cash Centre?

In 2019, the Executive Board decided to renovate DNB’s headquarters, and to move the cash and gold to the DNB Cash Centre. This is a heavily secured facility  that is also easier to access for cash transports to and from DNB. DNB’s cash and gold used to be stored deep underground at our headquarters in Amsterdam, which made it necessary for the building to have extra security. Since this is no longer the case, our renovated headquarters will be open to the public.