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95% of guaranteed savings deposits of bankrupt ATB now paid out

Press release

Published: 25 May 2022

DNB Toorop aan het water

One month after the bankruptcy of Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB), 95% of the guaranteed savings deposits have already been paid to ATB’s duped account holders. About 80% of all customers have applied for compensation.

As at Tuesday, 24 May, €635.3 million (94.5% of the total guaranteed amount) has been paid to 18,121 account holders (representing 78.1% of all account holders). The percentage of account holders in the Netherlands (79.1%) and Germany (75.0%) that have received their compensation is comparable. Account holders who have not yet contacted DNB can still claim their compensation. In many cases this involves account holders with small balances.

DNB calls on the group of account holders who have not yet claimed their compensation to do so. Using the Web Form Deposit Guarantee on www.dnb.nl they can specify the account in which they wish to receive their compensation. DNB also actively approaches these account holders by telephone and e-mail.

Dormant accounts

ATB's records show that there are approximately 23.000 accounts with 32,000 account holders that have been terminated by the bank and are therefore no longer active. DNB treats these accounts as dormant accounts. These are accounts that did not see any transactions on behalf of the account holder during the 24 months preceding 22 April 2022. The Dutch Deposit Guarantee also covers balances held in these dormant accounts. The balances of all dormant accounts together amount to EUR 1.9 million.

DNB will send these account holders a letter by post providing more details of their balance(s) at ATB and explaining how they can claim compensation. The minimum amount for dormant accounts is €5 per person. Holders of dormant accounts with a balance below this lower limit will not be compensated. Account holders with a balance of €5 or more can use the form enclosed with the letter to specify the account in which they wish to receive their compensation. They can submit this form online via the Web Form Deposit Guarantee at www.dnb.nl or send it to DNB by post.

More information and contact details

Account holders will be kept informed of the progress of the deposit guarantee and investor compensation schemes for ATB on DNB’s website www.dnb.nl. Account holders can also contact DNB's public information line (available on working days from 9 am to 5 pm) by telephone (+31 20 524911) or by email (info@dnb.nl).

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