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01-03-2024 DNB publishes Excel submission file for MESREP taxonomy version 2.3.0

An alternative submission facility is available for institutions that cannot easily create an XBRL file. This is an Excel file that is made available by DNB in the Reporting Service, which is automatically converted to the required XBRL format after receipt by DNB, provided it has been filled out correctly. This Excel file for MESREP taxonomy version 2.3.0 has now also been published here.

Some preparations have been made in the Excel file to prevent incorrect submission as much as possible, such as (i) inserting formulas for calculations in the overview form and the profit and loss account form, (ii) setting the filing indicator in the Table Of Content to 'positive' for these (and sometimes also other) forms, and (iii) showing empty values in the dimensions so that the reporting institutions has to make the correct selection.

To ensure a correct conversion within DNB to XBRL, it is important that always the most current version of the Excel file from the Reporting Service is used. The submission facility has been developed for Excel files containing fewer than 10,000 rows. Reporting institutions that report more rows should preferably report directly in XBRL format. When using the submission facility, the reporting institution remains responsible for correct and timely delivery of the report.