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MESREP serves the compilation of various macroeconomic statistics. The data required for this are integrated in the report. These statistics include the sectoral accounts, balance of payments, international investment position and a range of sector-specific statistics. We prepare the sectoral accounts jointly with Statistics Netherlands (CBS), and it has been agreed that we collect the data from the financial institutions.
MESREP exists alongside the Monthly Securities Reporting (MSR) in which granular securities data are reported.

This page provides news, links to the user documentation, frequently asked questions on MESREP and the reporting calendar.

User documentation MESREP

Specific documentation regarding the Macroeconomic Statistics Reporting such as the taxonomy documents (including validation rules) and other user documentation such as the MESREP manual and instruction videos, are available on this page.

You can find the so-called 'DNB data dictionary' here. The Excel entry templates can be downloaded by logging into the portal and selecting one of your MESREP reporting obligations.

Reporting calendar – quarterly reports 2022

End date period
(for quarter)
Submission deadline
  15th business day 17th business day 30th calendar day
(1st quarter 2022)
Mon 25/04/2022 Thu 28/04/2022 Mon 02/05/2022
(2nd quarter 2022)
Thu 21/07/2022 Mon 25/07/2022 Mon 01/08/2022
(3rd quarter 2022)
Fri 21/10/2022 Tue 25/10/2022 Mon 31/10/2022
(4th quarter 2022)
Fri 20/01/2023 Tue 24/01/2023 Mon 30/01/2023
Applicable to profile IF, IFSB, DTC, MMF, DNB FVC IC, PF, OFI,

Dutch public holidays are taken into account in this submission calendar, which has been carefully compiled. In the event that submission dates in this submission calendar deviate from the submission dates listed in the Digital Reporting Portal (DLR) for the relevant reports, the submission dates in the DLR will prevail.