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20-07-2022 Reminder notifications via the DLR


For reports from 1 January 2022, reporting institutions must use the Digital Reporting Portal (DLR) to submit their statistical reports. The DLR offers more possibilities than the channels we used previously to send reporting institution digital notifications about their reporting obligations. One of these possibilities is the option of sending digital reminder notifications, which we have recently developed. This new option will make sending out reminders more efficient. Also, we will have more insight into whether a reminder has actually been received, and we can ensure the reminder directly reaches the person who submitted the report. Furthermore, it will reduce the amount of paper we previously required to send out written reminders. Below, we explain what the new reminder system means for your institution.

We will start sending out digital notifications for MESRAP reports for the second quarter of 2022 (for the Monthly Securities Reporting, the MSR, for June 2022).

Digital reminders in practice 

The introduction of digital reminder notifications involves several other changes, which we describe below.

Addressee and contact person
Reporting institutions may appoint a representative in the DLR, who compiles overall individual or consolidated reports on their behalf and submits them. A reporting institution is responsible for entering the details of the contact person(s) in the DLR for the report to be submitted using the self-service option available in the DLR. Digital reminders for the MESRAP (and MSR reports) will be addressed to these contact persons. Previously, we sent such reminders to the management board of reporting institutions. We will still send written reminders to the management boards of reporting institutions that have not submitted their reports on time and have not yet entered contact person details in the DLR.

In the case of a digital reminder, the contact person will receive an email notification stating that they have a message in the DLR. The notification does not show the content of the message or state what the message is about. This is why the notification is accompanied by a "call to action” to clarify that the message in the DLR requires the recipient to take action. The recipient must then open the message in the DLR to know what action is required. In the case of a reminder, the action required will be submitting an overdue report.

Timing of the reminder
We will send a reminders as soon as possible after the formal reporting deadline has passed. In the practice, this means we will be sending digital reminder notifications on the second business day following the reporting deadline.

Number of reminders
We used to issue several written reminders in the past, but will now send a single reminder notification.

If you have any questions, please contact your DNB account manager.