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12-04-2022 Deferral policy for MESREP submission

On 1 January 2022, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) introduced a new reporting model for macroeconomic statistics: the Macroeconomic Statistical Reporting, or MESREP for short. During the MESREP information session in May/June 2021 for most of the financial sectors, we announced that we would change our enforcement policy for statistical reporting in connection with the introduction of MESREP. As a first step, we are changing our deferral policy for statistical reporting. The main points of our new policy for MESREP are set out below.  

We may grant a reporting institution an extension of the submission deadline if we believe it has a valid reason for not reporting in time. We are changing our deferral policy because the existing policy no longer aligns with current statistical reporting, reporting requirements and associated reporting channels. Please note that the new policy will also apply to other statistical reporting, such as the Monthly Securities Reporting (MSR).  

Changed deferral policy
We will only grant an extension of the deadline in individual cases. Before granting an extension of the deadline, we will assess whether there is a valid reason to do so, and whether it will not have an adverse impact on the quality of our statistics production.  

The maximum extension depends on the reporting profile and will never exceed a few business or calendar days. The duration of the extension is related to our own submission deadlines at the ECB or Statistics Netherlands, and it may not impede the production of accurate statistics.  

If we grant an extension of the deadline, you will receive an email or notification confirming the extension and including the new deadline for submission of the report. We expect you to meet this new deadline for your reporting obligation.  

Request for extension
You must now apply for extension of the submission deadline with your DNB account manager, using the email address specified for the relevant profiles/sectors below. This means you should no longer use the Statistics register email address for this purpose, as was previously the case for most sectors. 

If you have any questions, please contact your DNB account manager.

Reporting profile 

Group email address 









  Sectors S.125.W/S.126 


  Sector S.127  

not available; please contact your DNB account manager 


not available; please contact your DNB account manager