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Modified validation status SRB-reports

As part of optimizing the validation process of the XBRL submissions in DLR, as of November 23rd, the SRB-reports will be treated similarly to the EBA CRD-reports regarding the allocated validation status. With the SRB-reports we refer to all reports which are defined in the SRB-taxonomy. These include SRF, LDR, CFR and FMIR. Implementing such change, all resolution reports will be processed similarly, regardless of the taxonomy being defined by the EBA or the SRB.

Above means that all SRB-reports that meet technical requirements and comply with blocking filing rules, will be accepted by DLR and receive a status accordingly. If one or more blocking validation rules are triggered, a new reporting obligation will be available as a similar procedure is applicable for CRD-reports.

Such an implementation can result in having more accepted SRB-reports submitted by your institution in DLR. But it also can result in an increase in the amount of requests for a resubmission by DNB.
However your institution is required to meet the validation rules, as presented in SRB-taxonomy, before submitting the report in DLR. Therefore it is expected that the amount of resubmission requests remain limited. The feedback on validation rules is attached on the related submission in DLR.

For more information on the optimization of the validation process of XBRL reports, please refer to: DNB has started the optimization of the validation process of XBRL reports.