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Monitoring the unsecured interbank money market using TARGET2 data

Working Papers

Published: 24 January 2011

We investigate the euro unsecured interbank money market during the current financial crisis. To identify the loans traded in this market and settled in TARGET2, we extend the algorithm developed by Furfine (1999) and adapt it to the European interbank loan market with maturity up to one year. This paper solves the problem of systematic errors which occur when you only look at overnight loans (as the Furfine algorithm does). These errors especially occur in times of (very) low interest rates. The algorithm allows us to track the actual interest rates rather than quoted interest rates on liquidity trading by participants of the Dutch part of the euro large value payment system (TARGET2-NL). The algorithm enables us to constitute the Dutch part of the EONIA, making it possible to compare the interest rates developments in the Dutch market to the European average ones. Based on the new algorithm, we develop a policy tool to monitor the interbank money market, both at macro level (whole market) and individual bank level (Money Market Monitoring Dashboard).

Key words: payment systems, financial stability, experiment, decision making.

JEL Codes: E42, E44, G01

Working paper no. 276

276 - Monitoring The Unsecured Interbank Money Market Using TARGET2 Data

Download 276 - Monitoring The Unsecured Interbank Money Market Using TARGET2 Data

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