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Anna Samarina

Anna Samarina

Economics and Research Division

Short bio

Anna Samarina is a researcher at the Economics and Research Division of De Nederlandsche Bank. Prior to joining the central bank, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Groningen. She visited the research department of the Bank of Lithuania in 2016.


2014 – Ph.D. Economics, University of Groningen
2008 – M.Sc. Economics, Poznan University of Economics

Research interests

  • Monetary Policy
  • flang
  • International Monetary Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Banking and Finance 

Work in progress

The choice of inflation targets and their effectiveness

Working papers

Trust in the ECB in turbulent times (with Carin van der Cruijsen), DNB Working Paper No. 722, 2021. Download

Spillover effects of sovereign bond purchases in the euro area (with Yvo Mudde and Robert Vermeulen), DNB Working Paper No. 706, 2021. Download

Macroeconomic reversal rate: evidence from a nonlinear IS-curve (with Jan Willem van den End, Paul Konietschke, and Irina Stanga), DNB Working Paper No. 684, 2020. Download

Evolution of monetary policy frameworks in the post-crisis environment (with Nikos Apokoritis), DNB Working Paper No. 664, De Nederlandsche Bank, 2020. Download See also VoxEU column. Link

Debt Shift, Financial Development and Income Inequality in (with Dirk Bezemer), DNB Working Paper No. 646, 2019. Download

Monetary Targeting and Financial System Characteristics: An Empirical Analysis, Research Report 12011-EEF, University of Groningen, Research Institute SOM, 2012. Download

Publications in refereed journals

Nguyen, A., and A. Samarina (2022), Does monetary policy affect income inequality in the euro area?, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, forthcoming. 

Everett, M., J. de Haan, D-J.Jansen, P. McQuade, and A. Samarina (2021). Mortgage lending, monetary policy, and prudential measures in small euro-area economies: Evidence from Ireland and the Netherlands, Review of International Economics 29(1), 117-143. Download

Bezemer, D., A. Samarina and L. Zhang (2020), Does mortgage lending impact business credit? Evidence from a new disaggregated bank credit data set, Journal of Banking and Finance 113(C), 105760.  Download

Andrea Colciago, Anna Samarina and Jakob de Haan (2019), Central bank policies and income and wealth inequality: A survey, Journal of Economic Surveys 33(4), 1199-1231. Download

Hindrayanto, I., A. Samarina and I.M. Stanga (2019), Is the Phillips curve still alive? Evidence from the euro area, Economics Letter 174, 149-152. Download

Samarina, A., L. Zhang, and D. Bezemer (2017), Credit Cycle Coherence in the Eurozone: Was There a Euro Effect? Journal of International Money and Finance 77, 77-98. Download

Elhorst, P.J., P. Heijnen, A. Samarina, and J.P.A.M. Jacobs (2017), Transitions at Different Moments in Time: A Spatial Probit Approach, Journal of Applied Econometrics 32(2), 422-439. Download

Samarina, A. and D. Bezemer (2016), Do Capital Flows Change Domestic Credit Allocation? Journal of International Money and Finance 62, 98-121. Download

Samarina, A., and J-E. Sturm (2014), Factors Leading to Inflation Targeting — the Impact of Adoption, Applied Economics Letters 21(13), 918-923. Download

Samarina, A. and J. de Haan (2014), Right on Target: Exploring the Factors Leading to Inflation Targeting Adoption, Contemporary Economic Policy 32(2), 372-389. Download

Samarina, A., M. Terpstra, and J. de Haan (2014), Inflation Targeting and Inflation Performance: A Comparative Analysis, Applied Economics 46(1), 41-56. Download

Other publications

Samaryna, H. (2010), Deflacja w Japonii (Deflation in Japan), Warsaw: PWE.

See also my personal webpage : https://sites.google.com/view/annasamarina/home

Latest update: January 2022