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Published articles - 2013

  • The safety of cash and debit cards: A study on the perception and behaviour of Dutch consumers
    Anneke Kosse
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2013, 9(3), 77-98

  • Are stock market crises contagious? The role of crisis definitions
    Jochen Mierau and Mark Mink
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013, 37(12), 4765-4776

  • Optimal forecasts in the presence of structural breaks
    Hashem Pesaran, Andreas Pick and Mikhail Pranovich
    Journal of Econometrics, 2013, 177(2), 134–152

  • Macroprudential policy: A literature review
    Gabriele Galati and Richhild Moessner
    Journal of Economic Surveys, 2013, 27(5), 846–878

  • Do newspaper articles on card fraud affect debit card usage?
    Anneke Kosse
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013, 37(12), 5382-5391

  • Conditional political budget cycles: A review of recent evidence
    Jakob de Haan and Jeroen Klomp
    Public Choice, 2013, 157(3), 387-410

  • Social networks and labor market inequality between ethnicities and races
    Ott Toomet, Marco van der Leij and Meredith Rolfe
    Network Science, 2013, 1(3), 321-352

  • Early-warning signals of topological collapse in interbank networks
    Tiziano Squartini, Iman van Lelyveld and Diego Garlaschelli
    Scientific Reports, 2013, 3(3357)

  • Investment risk taking by institutional investors
    Janko Gorter and Jacob Bikker
    Applied Economics, 2013, 45(33), 4629-4640

  • Characterising equilibrium selection in global games with strategic complementarities
    Christian Basteck, Tijmen R. Daniëls and Frank Heinemann
    Journal of Economic Theory, 2013, 148, 2620-37

  • Effects of explicit FOMC policy rate guidance on interest rate expectations
    Richhild Moessner
    Economics Letters, 2013, 121(2), 170–173

  • How bank business models drive interest margins: Evidence from U.S. bank-level data
    Ivo Arnold and Saskia van Ewijk
    The European Journal of Finance, 2013, 20, 850-873

  • Bank liquidity, the maturity ladder, and regulation
    Leo de Haan and Jan Willem van den End
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013, 37(10), 3930-3950

  • Banks' responses to funding liquidity shocks: Lending adjustment, liquidity hoarding and fire sales
    Leo de Haan and Jan Willem van den End
    Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 2013, 26, 152–174

  • Political budget cycles and election outcomes
    Jeroen Klomp and Jakob de Haan
    Public Choice, 2013, 157(1-2), 245-267

  • From budgetary forecasts to ex-post fiscal data: Exploring the evolution of fiscal forecast errors in the EU
    Roel Beetsma, Benjamin Bluhm, Massimo Giuliodori and Peter Wierts
    Contemporary Economic Policy, 2013, 31(4), 795–813

  • Popular protest and political budget cycles: A panel data analysis
    Jeroen Klomp and Jakob de Haan
    Economics Letters, 2013, 120(3), 516-520

  • Do budgetary institutions mitigate the common pool problem? New empirical evidence for the EU
    Jakob de Haan, Richard Jong-A-Pin and Jochen Mierau
    Public Choice, 2013, 165(3-4), 423-441

  • The impact of imposing capital requirements on systemic risk
    Chen Zhou
    Journal of Financial Stability, 2013, 9(3), 320-329

  • Fifty years of fiscal planning and implementation in the Netherlands
    Roel Beetsma, Massimo Giuliodori, Mark Walschot and Peter Wierts
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2013, 31, 119–138

  • Multiple bank regulators and risk taking
    Itai Agur
    Journal of Financial Stability, 2013, 9(3), 259–268

  • Valuation of liabilities in hybrid pension plans
    Dirk Broeders, An Chen and David Rijsbergen
    Applied Financial Economics, 2013, 23(15), 1215-1229

  • Crossing network versus dealer market
    Tijmen R. Daniëls, Jutta Dönges and Frank Heinemann
    European Economic Review, 2013, 62, 41–57

  • Gravity models of trade-based money laundering
    Joras Ferwerda, Mark Kattenberg, Han-Hsin Chang, Brigitte Unger, Loek Groot and Jacob Bikker
    Applied Economics, 2013, 45(22), 3170-3182

  • Conditional election and partisan cycles in government support to the agricultural sector: An empirical analysis
    Jeroen Klomp and Jakob de Haan
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2013, 95(4), 793-818

  • Modelling trigonometric seasonal components for monthly economic time series
    Irma Hindrayanto, John Aston, Siem Jan Koopman and Marius Ooms
    Applied Economics, 2013, 45(21), 3024-3034

  • The effects of managerial capabilities on export, FDI and innovation: Evidence from Indian firms
    Martijn Boermans and Hein Roelfsema
    Asian Business & Management, 2013, 12, 387–408

  • The number of active bidders in internet auctions
    Laurens de Haan, Casper de Vries and Chen Zhou
    Journal of Economic Theory, 2013, 148(4), 1726-1736

  • Statistical evidence on the mean reversion of interest rates
    Jan Willem van den End
    The Journal of Investment Strategies, 2013, 2(3)

  • Do natural resources attract non-resource foreign direct investment?
    Steven Poelhekke and Frederick van der Ploeg
    Review of Economics and Statistics, 2013, 95(3), 1047-1065

  • What drives bank earnings? Evidence for 28 banking sectors
    Laurence Pouw and Jan Kakes
    Applied Economic Letters, 2013, 20(11), 1062-1066

  • Pension benefit security: a comparison of solvency requirements, a pension guarantee fund and sponsor support
    Dirk Broeders and An Chen
    Journal of Risk and Insurance, 2013, 80(2), 239–272

  • How to enforce fiscal discipline in EMU: A proposal
    Jakob de Haan, Niels Gilbert, Jeroen Hessel and Sylvie Verkaart
    Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 2013, 149(2), 205–217

  • Tourist Test interchange fees for card payments: Down or out?
    Nicole Jonker and Mirjam Plooij
    Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, 2013, 1(4), 51-72

  • Central banks and foreign collateral
    Jeannette Capel
    Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, 2013, 1(4), 31-49

  • Bias correction in extreme value statistics with index around zero
    Juan-Juan Cai, Laurens de Haan and Chen Zhou
    Extremes, 2013, 16(2), 173-201

  • Leaning against the wind and the timing of monetary policy
    Itai Agur and Maria Demertzis
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2013, 35, 179–194

  • Transparency of banking supervisors
    Franka Liedorp, Robert Mosch, Carin van der Cruijsen and Jakob de Haan
    IMF Economic Review, 2013, 61(2), 310-335

  • Knowledge and opinions about banking supervision: Evidence from a survey of Dutch households
    Carin van der Cruijsen, Jakob de Haan, David Jan Jansen and Robert Mosch
    Journal of Financial Stability, 2013, 9(2) 219–229

  • The relationship between size, growth and profitability of commercial banks
    Tanveer Shehzad, Jakob de Haan and Bert Scholtens
    Applied Economics, 2013, 45(13), 1751-1765

  • Monetary transmission in three central European economies: evidence from time-varying coefficient vector autoregressions
    Zsolt Darvas
    Empirica, 2013, 40(2), 363-390

  • International diversification during the financial crisis: A blessing for equity investors?
    Robert Vermeulen
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2013, 35, 104-123

  • Modelling the liquidity ratio as macroprudential instrument
    Jan Willen van den End and Mark Kruidhof
    Journal of Banking Regulation, 2013, 14(2), 91–106

  • What drives clarity of central bank communication about inflation?
    Aleš Bulíř, Martin Čihák and David-Jan Jansen
    Open Economies Review, 2013, 24(1), 125-145

  • Wholesale bank funding, capital requirements and credit rationing
    Itai Agur
    Journal of Financial Stability, 2013, 9(1), 38-45

  • Expected and actual replacement rates in the pension system of the Netherlands: How and why do they differ?
    Mark van Duijn, Mauro Mastrogiacomo, Maarten Lindeboom and Petter Lundborg
    Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2013, 12, 168-189

  • Impact of bank competition on the interest rate pass-through in the euro area
    Michiel van Leuvensteijn, Chistoffer Kok-Sørensen, Jacob Bikker, Adrian van Rixtel
    Applied Economics, 2013, 45(11), 1359-1380

  • IMF-supported programs: Stimulating capital to non-defaulting countries
    Koen van der Veer and Eelke de Jong
    The World Economy, 2013, 36(4), 375-395

  • Pricing, competition and innovation in retail payment systems: A brief overview
    Wilko Bolt
    Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, 2013, 1(3), 73-90

  • Impact of foreign banks
    Stijn Claessens and Neeltje van Horen
    Journal of Financial Perspectives, 2013, 1(1), 1-18

  • Political regime and human capital: A cross-country analysis
    Jeroen Klomp and Jakob de Haan
    Social Indicators Research, 2013, 111, 45-73

  • Network dynamics of TOP payments
    Marc Pröpper, Iman van Lelyveld and Ronald Heijmans
    Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, 2013, 1(3), 3-29

  • Choosing how to pay: The influence of foreign backgrounds
    Anneke Kosse and David-Jan Jansen
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013, 37(3), 989-998

  • Strategic loan defaults and coordination: An experimental analysis
    Stefan Trautmann and Razvan Vlahu
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013, 37(3), 747-760

  • Pricing of payment cards, competition, and efficiency: a possible guide for SEPA
    Wilko Bolt and Heiko Schmiedel
    Annals of Finance, 2013, 9(1), 5-25

  • Human capital and employment growth in German metropolitan areas: New evidence
    Steven Poelhekke
    Regional Studies, 2013, 47(2), 245-263

  • The impact of interaction effects among neighbouring countries on financial liberalization and reform: A dynamic spatial panel data approach
    Paul Elhorst, Eelco Zandberg and Jakob de Haan
    Spatial Economic Analysis, 2013, 8(3), 293-313

  • Assessing macro-financial linkages: A model comparison exercise
    Rafael Gerke, Magnus Jonsson, Martin Kliem, Marcin Kolasa, Pierre Lafourcade, Alberto Locarno, Krzysztof Makarski and Peter McAdam
    Economic Modelling, 2013, 31, 253-264

  • Mean reversion in stock prices: Implications for long-term investors
    Laura Spierdijk and Jacob Bikker
    Journal of Investment Strategies, 2013, 2(1), 91–102

  • Contagion during the Greek sovereign debt crisis
    Mark Mink and Jakob de Haan
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2013, 34, 102-113

  • Did oral interventions by the Indonesian central bank support the rupiah?
    Sahminan Sahminan and Jakob de Haan
    Pacific Economic Review, 2013, 18(1), 79-91

  • The relationship between the Renminbi future spot return and the forward discount
    Yanping Zhao, Jakob de Haan, Bert Scholtens, Haizhen Yang
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2013, 32, 156-168

  • Estimating cash usage: The impact of survey design on research outcomes
    Nicole Jonker and Anneke Kosse
    De Economist, 2013, 161(1), 19-44

  • Do policital budget cycles really exist?
    Jeroen Klomp and Jakob de Haan
    Applied Economics, 2013, 45(3), 329-341

  • Was the 2007 crisis really a global banking crisis?
    Tanveer Shehzad and Jakob de Haan
    North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 2013, 24, 113-124

  • Running for the exit? International bank lending during a financial crisis
    Ralph de Haas and Neeltje van Horen
    Review of Financial Studies, 2013, 26(1), 244-285