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Forthcoming articles

  • Consumer participation in the credit market during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
    Evangelos Charalampakis, Federica Teppa and Athanasios Tsiortas
    Oxford Economic Papers
  • Global supply chain pressures, inflation, and implications for monetary policy
    Guido Ascari, Dennis Bonam and Andra Smadu
    Journal of International Money and Finance
  • No more tears without tiers? The impact of indirect settlement on liquidity use in TARGET2
    Jan Paulick, Ron Berndsen, Martin Diehl and Ronald Heijmans
  • Effects of QE on sovereign bond spreads through the safe asset channel
    Jan Willem van den End
    International Journal of Finance and Economics
  • Coherence without Rationality at the Zero Lower Bound
    Guido Ascari, Sophocles Mavroeidis and Nigel McClung
    Journal of Economic Theory

  • The International Dimension of Trend  Inflation
    Guido Ascari and Luca Fosso
    Journal of International Economics

  • Inflation expectations anchoring: new insights from micro evidence of a survey at high-frequency and of distributions
    Gabriele Galati, Nikos Apokoritis and Richhild Moessner
    International Journal of Central Banking

  • The international impact of a fragile EMU
    Demosthenes Ioannou, Maria Sole Pagliari and Livio Stracca
    European Economic Review
  • The effects of climate change on the natural rate of interest: a critical survey
    Francesco Paolo Mongelli, Wolfgang Pointner and Jan Willem van den End
    WIREs Climate Change

  • Frictions in scaling up central bank balance sheet policies: how Eurosystem asset purchases impact the repo market
    Tomas Carrera de Souza and Tom Hudepohl
    Journal of Banking and Finance

  • Macroeconomic reversal rate in a low interest rate environment
    Jan Willem van den End, Paul Konietschke, Anna Samarina and Irina Stanga
    International Journal of Central Banking
  • The effects of fiscal policy when planning horizons are finite
    Kostas Mavromatis and Joep Lustenhouwer
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

  • Mortgage prepayments and tax-exempted intergenerational transfers: from rich parents to rich children?
    Yue Li and Mauro Mastrogiacomo
    Review of Income and Wealth

  • The displacement effect of compulsory pension savings on private savings. Evidence from the Netherlands, using pension funds supervisory data
    Mauro Mastrogiacomo, Rik Dillingh and Yue Li
    Journal of the Economics of Ageing

  • The effect of the Dutch financial assessment framework on the mortgage investments of pension funds
    Mauro Mastrogiacomo and Yeorim Kim
    Journal of Pension Economics and Finance
  • Empirical evidence on the Euler equation for investment in the US
    Guido Ascari, Qazi Haque, Leandro M. Magnusson and Sophocles Mavroeidis
    Journal of Applied Econometrics

  • Market forces in healthcare insurance: the impact of healthcare reform on regulated competition revisited
    Jacob Bikker and Jack Bekooij
    International Journal of Finance and Economics

  • Inattentive search for currency fundamentals
    Agnieszka Markiewicz, Ralph Verhoeks, Willem Verschoor and Remco Zwinkels
    IMF Economic Review
  • Accelerating inflation expectations of households in the euro area: sources and macroeconomic spending consequences
    Ad Stokman
    Applied Economics Letters

  • Behavioral learning equilibria in New Keynesian models
    Cars Hommes, Kostas Mavromatis, Tolga Ozden and Mei Zhu
    Quantitative Economics

  • Central bank communication with the general public: promise or false hope?
    Alan Blinder, Michael Ehrmann, Jakob de Haan and David-Jan Jansen
    Journal of Economic Literature

  • The (ir)relevance of rule-of-thumb consumers for U.S. business cycle fluctuations
    Guido Ascari, Alice Albonico and Qazi Haque
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

  • A structural investigation of quantitative easing
    Gregor Boehl, Gavin Goy and Felix Strobel
    Review of Economics and Statistics

  • Commonalities in private commercial real estate market liquidity and price index returns
    Dorinth van Dijk and Marc Francke
    Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics