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Published articles - 2020

  • Assessing uncertainty in the natural rate of interest: Info-gap as guide for monetary policy in the euro area
    Jan Willem van den End and Yakov Ben-Haim
    International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2020, 27(3), 3228-3245

  • Is there anybody out there? Detecting operational outages from Large Value Transfer System transaction data
    Neville Arjani and Ronald Heijmans
    Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, 2020, 8(4), 23–41

  • Trust in the central bank and inflation expectations
    Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli and Maarten van Rooij
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2020, 16(6), 1-37

  • Individual inflation forecasts and monetary policy announcements
    Jakob de Haan, Kostas Mavromatis and Garyn Tan
    Economics Letters, 2020, 197, 109602

  • Sectoral allocation and macroeconomic imbalances in EMU
    Niels Gilbert and Sebastiaan Pool
    Review of World Economics, 2020, 156, 945–984

  • Does institutional quality condition the impact of financial stability transparency on financial stability?
    Tim van Duuren, Jakob de Haan and Henk van Kerkhoff
    Applied Economics Letters, 2020, 27(20), 1635-1638
  • Crime, deterrence and punishment revisited
    Maurice Bun, Richard Kelaher, Vasilis Sarafidis and Don Weatherburn
    Empirical Economics, 2020, 59, 2303–2333
  • Finite sample properties of the GMM Anderson-Rubin test
    Maurice Bun, Helmut Farbmacher and Rutger Poldermans
    Econometric Reviews, 2020, 39(10), 1042-1056
  • Benchmark selection and performance
    Dirk Broeders and Leo de Haan
    Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2020, 19(4), 511-531
  • Loan to value caps and government-backed mortgage insurance: Loan-level evidence from Dutch residential mortgages
    Leo de Haan and Mauro Mastrogiacomo
    De Economist, 2020, 168, 453–473
  • Bank profitability, leverage constraints and risk-taking
    Natalya Martynova, Lev Ratnovski and Razvan Vlahu
    Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2020, 44, 100821
  • Finite horizons and the monetary/fiscal policy mix
    Kostas Mavromatis
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2020, 16(4), 327-378
  • Housing vintage and price dynamics
    Lyndsey Rolheiser, Dorinth van Dijk and Alex van de Minne
    Regional Science & Urban Economics, 2020, 84, 103569
  • Third-party signals and sales to expert-agent buyers: Quality indicators in the contemporary visual arts market
    Monika Kackovic, Maurice Bun, Charles Weinberg, Joris Ebbers and Nachoem Wijnberg
    International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2020, 37(3), 587-601
  • Mortgage arrears, regulation and institutions: Cross-country evidence
    Irina Stanga, Razvan Vlahu and Jakob de Haan
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2020, 118, 105889
  • The political and institutional determinants of fiscal adjustments and expansions: Evidence for a large set of countries
    Federico Giesenow, Juliette de Wit and Jakob de Haan
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2020, 64, 101911
  • European banks after the global financial crisis: Peak accumulated losses, twin crises and business models
    Leo de Haan and Jan Kakes
    Journal of Banking Regulation, 2020, 21(3), 197–211
  • Finding counterfeited banknotes: the roles of vision and touch
    Frank van der Horst, Joshua Snell and Jan Theeuwes
    Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, 2020, 5(40)
  • Banking stress test effects on returns and risks
    Cenkhan Sahin, Jakob de Haan and Ekaterina Neretina
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2020, 117, 105843
  • Data on cross-border exposures of 61 largest European banks
    Patty Duijm and Dirk Schoenmaker
    Data in Brief, 2020, 30, 105613
  • Exchange rate pass-through in China: A cost-push input-output price model
    Yuwan Duan, Yanping Zhao and Jakob de Haan
    Open Economies Review, 2020, 31, 513–528
  • On the value of virtual currencies
    Wilko Bolt and Maarten van Oordt
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2020, 52(4), 835-862
  • Pension fund equity performance: Patience, activity or both?
    Tanja Artiga González, Iman van Lelyveld and Katarina Lučivjanská
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2020, 115, 105812

  • Bank-based versus market-based financing: Implications for systemic risk.
    Joost Bats and Aerdt Houben
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2020, 114, 105776
  • International investment positions revisited: Investor heterogeneity and individual security characteristics
    Martijn Boermans and Robert Vermeulen
    Review of International Economics, 2020, 28(2), 466-496
  • Does mortgage lending impact business credit? Evidence from a new disaggregated bank credit data set
    Dirk Bezemer, Anna Samarina and Lu Zhang
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2020, 113, 105760
  • Is fiscal policy in the euro area Ricardian?
    Nikki Panjer, Leo de Haan and Jan Jacobs
    Empirica, 2020, 47, 411-429
  • Does modeling a structural break improve forecast accuracy?
    Tom Boot and Andeas Pick
    Journal of Econometrics, 2020, 215(1), 35-59
  • Consumption uncertainty and precautionary saving
    Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli and Maarten van Rooij
    Review of Economics and Statistics, 2020, 102(1), 148-161
  • Near real-time monitoring in real-time gross settlements systems: A traffic light approach
    Ron Berndsen en Ronald Heijmans
    Journal of Risk, 2020, 22(3), 39-64
  • How does government control affect firm value? New evidence for China
    Marzieh Abolhassani, Zhi Wang and Jakob de Haan
    Kyklos, 2020, 73(1), 3-21
  • Payments data: do consumers want banks to keep them in a safe or turn them into gold?
    Carin van der Cruijsen
    Applied Economics 2020, 52(6), 609-622.
  • Bank switching and interest rates: Examining annual transfers between savings accounts
    Dirk Gerritsen and Jaap Bikker
    Journal of Financial Services Research, 2020, 57(1), 29-49