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Research Seminars 2017

research seminars 2017

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Investment in Productivity and the Long-Run Effect of Financial Crises on Output 19-dec-17
Maarten de Ridder, University of Cambridge
The Long-Run Information Effect of Central Bank Tekst 12-dec-17
Michael McMahon, University of Warwick CANCELD
Feedback Between Credit and Liquidity Risk in the US Corporate Bond Market 5-dec-17
Rob Sperna Weiland, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Quantitative Easing in a Small Open Economy: An International Portfolio Balancing Approach 21-nov-17
Serdar Kabaca, Bank of Canada
The Dark Side of Low Interest Rates 14-nov-17
Keith Kuester, University of Bonn
Stock Market Participation: The Role of Human Capital 7-nov-17
Felicia Ionescu, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
The Cyclicality of Add-on Pricing 17 October 2017
Agnieszka Markiewicz, Erasmus University
The Blockchain Folk Theorem 10 October 2017
Matthieu Bouvard, McGill University
Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound 28-sep-17
Miles Kimball, University of Michigan
Optimal Fiscal Policy with Consumption Taxation 26-sep-17
Giorgio Motta, Lancaster University
Economic Policy Uncertainty and Bank Liquidity Creation 19-sep-17
Allen Berger, University of South Carolina
The Bank of Canada’s Exposure to Default Risk in Canada’s Large Value Transfer System 13-sep-17
James Chapman, Bank of Canada
The Impact of Monetary Policy on Inequality in the UK 12-sep-17
Harron Mumtaz, Queen Mary university London
Pipeline Risk in Leveraged Loan Syndication 5-sep-17
Frédéric Malherbe, london business school
Detecting Granular Time Series in Large Panels 18 July 2017
Geert Mesters, Pompeu Fabra University
Exchange rate pass-through: What has changed since the crisis? 13 July 2017
Richhild Moessner, BIS
Does marketing widen borders? Cross-country price dispersion in the European car market 4 July 2017
Georg Strasser, ECB
Earnings inequality and intra-generational mobility 27 June 2017
Alexander Hijzen, OECD
OTC Derivatives Reform and Central Clearing 13 June 2017
Paul Glasserman, Columbia Business Shool
  6 June 2017
Laurence Ball, Johns Hopkins University (POSTPONED)
Banking Globalization, Local Lending, and Labor Market Effects: Micro-Level Evidence from Brazil 23 May 2017
Matias Ossandon Busch, Halle Institute for Economic Research
Fertility, Longevity and Capital Flows 16 May 2017
Nicolas Coeurdacier, Sciences Po
Natural Rates across the Atlantic 2 May 2017
Andrea Gerali, BIS
State Dependence in Labor Market Fluctuations: Evidence, Theory and Policy Implications 25-apr-17
Francesco Zanetti, Oxford University
Business Cycles, Investment Shocks, and the "Barro-King Curse" 18-apr-17
Guido Ascari, Oxford University
Nicola Gennaioli, University of Bocconi (POSTPONED)
Forward Guidance, Quantitative Easing, or both? 4-apr-17
Ferre De Graeve, KU Leuven
Equity Versus Bail-in Debt in Banking: an Agency Perspective 28 March 2017
Javier Suarez, CEMFI
Structural Asymmetries and Financial Imbalances in the Eurozone 21 March 2017
Ivan Jaccard, ECB
Demand, Markups and Business Cycles 21 February 2017
Federico Etro, University of Venice
Exchange Rates and Macro News in Emerging Markets 14 February 2017
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Brunel University
Monetary Policy Implications of State-Dependent Prices and Wages 7 February 2017
Anton Nakov, ECB
The Leverage Ratio and Liquidity in the Gilt and Repo Markets 31 January 2017
Andreea Bicu, Bank of England
The Innovation Dilemma: Uncertainty and Economic Policy 24 January 2017
Yakov Ben-Haim, Israel Institute of Technology