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The Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) organises external research seminars on a regular basis. These seminars are open to external visitors. The seminars are usually held on Tuesdays from 12.00 to 13.00 at the Nederlandsche Bank, Toorop building, Spaklerweg 4, in Amsterdam.

The seminars are organized in a hybrid form; they can be attended in person and online.


If you'd like to attend a DNB seminar, please contact Nicole van Blijenburgh by e-mail: seminars-ebo@dnb.nl

You will need a proof of identity (passport, EU Identity Card or Dutch driver's license) to enter DNB.

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Forthcoming seminars

Title Date
Silvia Miranda-Agrippino (Bank of England)
Policymakers' Uncertainty 13th of December 2022
Michael McMahon (University of Oxford)
Tba 24th of January 2023
Fulvia Marotta (University of Oxford)
Tba 28th of February 2023
Aleš Maršál (National Bank of Slovakia)
Tba 7 March 2023
Gabriel Zucman (UC Berkeley)

14 March 2023

John Lewis (Bank of England)
Tba 21 March 2023
Kasper Roszbach (Norges Bank)
Tba 11 April 2023
Galo Nuno (Bank of Spain)
Tba 18 April 2023
Isaiah Hull (BI Norwegian Bus. School)
Tba 9 May 2023
Luca Sala (Bocconi University)
Tba 20 June 2023
Kyle Herkenkoff (University of Minnesota)
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Previous seminars

Title Date  
ONLINE - Motivating Banks to Lend? Credit Spillover Effects of the Main Street Lending Program   1 February 2022
Camelia Minoiu (FED Board)  
ONLINE - The Effect of Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Household Spending   15 February 2022
Olivier Coibion (University of Texas at Austin)  
ONLINE - Baby Booms and Asset Booms: Demographic Change and the Housing Market   22 February 2022
Matthijs Korevaar (Erasmus University Rotterdam)  
ONLINE - The Business Cycle Dynamics of the Wealth Distribution   1 March 2022
Jesse Bricker (FED Board)  
The Great Carbon Arbitrage   19 April 2022
Alissa Kleinnijenhuis (Stanford University)  
Dynamic Macroeconomic Implications of Immigration (CANCELED)   26 April 2022
Karl Walentin (Uppsala University)  
ONLINE - The Impact of Alternative Forms of Bank Consolidation on Credit Supply and Financial Stability   17 May 2022
Emanuele Tarantino (LUISS)  
ONLINE - Borrowing Premia in Unsecured Credit Markets   19 May 2022
Felicia Ionescu (Fed Board)  
Deal or no Deal? The Effect of Time-to-Close on Residential Transaction Prices   31 May 2022
Marc Francke (University of Amsterdam)  
The Bias and Efficiency of the ECB Inflation Projections: a State Dependent Analysis   7 June 2022
Eleonora Granziera (Norges Bank)  
QE: Implications for Bank Risk-Taking, Profitability, and Systemic Risk   14 June 2022
Supriya Kapoor (Trinity College Dublin)  
The Dual U.S. Labor Market Uncovered   12 July 2022
Bart Hobijn (Arizona State University and Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)  
Costly disasters, energy consumption, and the role of fiscal policy   6 September 2022
Fabio Canova (Norwegian Business School)  
A Hitchhiker Guide to Empirical Macro Models Toolbox   13 September 2022
Fabio Canova (Norwegian Business School)  
Foreign Exchange Interventions and their Impact on Expectations: Evidence from the USD/ILS Options Market   20 september 2022
Markus Hertrich (Bundesbank)  
Coherence without Rationality at the ZLB   22 September 2022
Nigel McClung (Bank of Finland)  
The (Ir)Relevance of Rule-of-Thumb Consumers for U.S.
Business Cycle Fluctuations
  27 September 2022
Qazi Haque (University of Adelaide)  
Testing the effectiveness of unconventional monetary policy in Japan and the United States   29 September 2022
Sophocles Mavroeidis (University of Oxford)  
The pass-through from inflation perceptions to inflation expectations    4 October 2022
Daria Minina (University of Amsterdam)  
Dynamic Macroeconomic Implications of Immigration   18 October 2022
Karl Walentin (Uppsala University)  
The Impact of Active Aggregate Demand on Utilization-Adjusted TFP   20 October 2022
Konstantin Gantert (Tilburg University)  

Interest Rates, Market Power and Financial Stability


15 November 2022

David Martinez-Miera (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)  
Transmission of Cyber Risk Through the Canadian Wholesale Payment System - ONLINE   22 November 2022
Anneke Kosse (BIS)  
United in Diversity: A HANK2 model of currency areas   29 November 2022
Gernot Müller (University of Tübingen)