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Research Seminars 2018

research seminars 2018

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Liquidity Risk and Funding Cost 11-dec-18
Jan Wrampelmeyer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Coordinated Effects in Monetary Policy 13-nov-18
Maarten Pieter Schinkel
Repo Market Functioning: The Role of Capital Regulation 23 October 2018
Neeltje van Horen
Identification at the Zero Lower Bound 16 October 2018
Sophocles Mavroeidis (University of Oxford)
Monetary Policy and its Effect on Regional Employment 9 October 2018
Fergus Cumming
Household Credit, Global Financial Cycle, and Macroprudential Policies: Credit Register Evidence from an Emerging Country 2 October 2018
Mircea Epure, UPF and Barcelona GSE
Lecture - Co-integration and control: assessing the impact of events using time series data 26-sep-18
Andrew Harvey (Cambridge University
Practical lecture with demonstrations - Trends, Cycles and Seasonality 25-sep-18
Andrew Harvey (Cambridge University)
Measuring Biases in Expectation Formation 18-sep-18
Simas Kucinskas and Florian Peters (University of Amsterdam)
Bretton Woods, Brussels and beyond: Redesigning the Institutions of Europe 7-aug-18
Jan-Egbert Sturm
The effects of quasi-random monetary experiments 24 July 2018
Alan Taylor, University of California, Davis and CEPR
The Phillips Multiplier 17 July 2018
Geert Mesters, UPF
On the sources of slow wage growth on both sides of the Atlantic 10 July 2018
Bart Hobijn (Arizona State University)
  4 July 2018
Simeon Djankov (London School of Economics)
Monetary Policy and Household (De-)leveraging 26 June 2018
Mathias Klein (DIW Berlin)
The Economics of Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Beyond 19 June 2018
Thorsten Koeppl (Queen's University)
The Effects of Competition in Consumer Credit Markets 14 June 2018
Rodney Ramcharan (University of Southern California)
The Employment Effects of Restricting Fixed-Term Contracts: Theory and Evidence 12 June 2018
Pedro Martins, University of London
Inflation Dynamics and the Price Flexibility in the UK (canceled) 5 June 2018
Emiliano Santoro (University of Copenhagen)
Structural Change within the Service Sector and the Future of Baumol’s Disease 29 May 2018
Ákos Valentinyi (University of Manchester)
State issued digital currencies: minor innovation or radical reform? 24 May 2018
Alistair Milne (Loghborough University)
Credit Constraints and Productivity 15 May 2018
Gilbert Cette (Banque de France)
Forward guidance through interest rate projections: impact versus intentions 24-apr-18
Saskia ter Ellen (Norges Bank)
Economics of Voluntary Information Sharing 17-apr-18
Jason Sturgess, Queen Mary University London
When central banks buy corporate bonds: Target selection and impact of the European Corporate Sector Purchase Program 10-apr-18
Rients Galema, Utrecht University
Credit Shocks, Employment Protection, and Growth: Firm-level Evidence from Spain 5-apr-18
Peter McAdam, European Central Bank
Identifying credit supply shocks with bank-firm data 3-apr-18
Hans Degryse, KU Leuven
Bitcoin Reveals Exchange Rate Manipulation and Detects Capital Controls 29 March 2018
Gina Pieters, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas
Mending the broken link: heterogeneous bank lending rates and monetary policy pass-through 22 March 2018
Fabio Canova, European University Institute
The Long-Run Information Effect of Central Bank Text 20 March 2018
Michael McMahon, University of Oxford
Strategic Sovereign Default in a Monetary Union 13 March 2018
Sergio de Ferra, University of Stockholm
Identification Robust Predictive Ability Testing 6 March 2018
Andrea Naghi, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Corporate Debt Structure and Unconventional Monetary Policy in the United States 27 February 2018
Urszula Szczerbowicz, Bank of France
Monetary Policy and Inequality under Labor Market Frictions and Capital-Skill Complementarity 20 February 2018
Evi Pappa, European University Institute
GMM Estimation of Non-Gaussian Structural Vector Autoregression 13 February 2018
Markku Lanne, University of Helsinki
Macroeconomic Effects of Disruption in Global Food Commodity Markets: Evidence for the United States 6 February 2018
Gert Peersman, University of Ghent
The Macroeconomic Effects of Bank Bail-ins 23 January 2018
Christiaan van der Kwaak, University of Groningen
The effect of land lease on house prices 9 January 2018
Pieter Gautier, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam