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30 May 2011 Supervision Supervision label

This page shows you where to find all information regarding sanctions regulations, exemptions, notifications and frequently asked questions.

Sanctions regulations

The sanctions regulations in force can be found on the websites of the United Nations, the European Union and the Dutch central government. The EU website includes a searchable database of all persons and entities currently under sanctions. The Dutch central government site includes a list of persons and entities listed under sanctions regulations no. 2007 and no. 2007‑II. 


DNB distributes regular updates on the UN, EU and NL sanctions regimes via email. If you wish to receive sanction updates by mail, please subscribe to our Email service.
Emails are distributed as an extra service of DNB and do not release financial institutions from their responsibility to closely monitor developments in sanctions regulations.


If an institution finds that the identity of a client matches that of a person or business referred to in the sanctions regulation, it must notify the supervisory authority forthwith. In the notification, the institution must submit data relating to the client’s identity to the supervisory authority; for this purpose, a notification form must be used which can be downloaded following the link on the right. The reporting form should be sent by email to sanctions@dnb.nl.


In individual cases (depending on the regulation concerned), exemptions are possible. Decisions on exemptions are at the discretion of the Ministry of Finance. A reasoned request for exemption should be sent to:

De Minister van Financiën
Directie Financiële Markten/Afdeling Integriteit
Postbus 20201
2500 EE Den Haag

Fax 070 - 342 89 97
Tel. 070 - 342 85 81