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Update: Statistical News Release is now called News

You currently have an email subscription to the Statistical News Releases that we publish on our website. From now on, we will publish these articles under the heading News.

Published: 03 May 2024

Overleg achter beeldscherm

What will change for you?

The current series of Statistical News Releases will now be available under the News section on dnb.nl. You will continue to receive them automatically with your current email subscription.

The News section will contain more items than just the current Statistical News Releases, such as the in-depth news items we formerly published under the name DNBulletins and the articles we currently publish under the heading News Items. 

The Statistical News Releases will remain distinct, though; each article will clearly state if it is based on our own statistics.

Many subscribers already receive the current news items in addition to the Statistical News Releases. If this is the case for you, you do not have to do anything. Only the names of the sections are changing. You will continue to receive our articles as usual.

Changing your subscription

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Subscribing to podcasts, blogs and speeches

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Final tip

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