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Technical Cooperation International Workshop and Seminar Programme

After some year with basically only digital seminars, we will re-introduce the physical format for international seminars (in Amsterdam) as from 2024, while keeping some seminars in digital form. Announcements will be made on this web page.

UPDATE (as per November 2023)

Our regular international seminars with open registration will mostly consist of two consecutive half days (mostly mornings CET.) The registration form for open seminars is presented on the right hand side of this page. For seminars by invitation only, a registration form will be sent to the participants invited. 

Our seminar program will be announced for a rolling period of six months ahead. (No calendar year programming anymore. Dates will be published when available.)

The Seminar Programme

The Technical Cooperation International Seminar Programme of De Nederlandsche Bank is intended for staff and management of central banks of countries forming part of the IMF/Belgium-Dutch constituency headed by The Netherlands. However, we may also invite other central banks to attend individual seminars; this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The purpose of the seminar programme is twofold:

  • To present some recent developments in respect of specific central banking issues from the perspective of De Nederlandsche Bank, also as a member of the European System of Central Banks.
  • To exchange views on specific central banking issues in order to learn from each other’s experiences. This implies that the precise content of the seminars will be determined in part by the specific wishes of the prospective participants. During some of the seminars participants might be invited to give a presentation on topics in their field of expertise. Therefore, a good command of English is required.
    We welcome any comment on the content of the seminar.

Please note that you can only participate if you have registered via the registration form.

Please find below the current information:

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Cyber resilience (sector) and defence

12 October 2023     

By invitation only   

Cloud workshop (2 days)

Q1 2024 Amsterdam

By invitation only   

Resolution banks

Q1 2024 Amsterdam

No definite date available yet

Open market policy round table                             

Second half of 2024, digital                                

By invitation only   

Accounting, planning & control Second half 2024
No definite date available yet
Cash handling

2024 Amsterdam

No definite date available yet
Insurance supervision                                              

2024 Amsterdam

Payment systems                                                      

2024 Amsterdam

Central bank balance sheet risk management round table                                            

 2024, digital

By invitation only

Central bank asset management round table      

2024 digital                                                 

By invitation only