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We also discern several other personal data processing operations.

Drafting and researching monetary and economic policies

One of DNB's tasks is to produce and make available statistics about the financial system. With the statistical task, DNB helps policymakers, supervisors and other stakeholders to take better decisions. The statistical task also contributes to DNB's ambition to obtain maximum value from data in the performance of its activities.  

DNB has a policy-preparing task for monetary and economic issues. To this end, it conducts research aimed at supporting policy activities and prepares economic models and forecasts. Where studies use surveys, data is anonymised as soon as possible.  

Granular data will provide increasingly deeper insights in the coming years. The aggregate statistics and analyses based on these data are made available through a website that renders the information more accessible. Some reports  (such as Securities Financing Transactions Data Store) or data services are provided in collaboration with fellow regulators or government agencies ”.

Incidental personal data processing operations

We may take photos at events or meetings, save them and use them later for internal publications or exhibitions. Prior to publishing, we assess whether publication may have disproportionately negative consequences for the data subject(s) involved. We remove photos at data subjects' request.

Contact database

For operational reasons it may be necessary for DNB to store contactdata of (former) directors and other relevant relationships in a database with strict access control.