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2015 - Distributional implications of the crisis and policy responses

19-20 November 2015 - 18th Annual DNB Research Conference on "Distributional implications of the crisis and policy responses", De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Amsterdam.

The global financial crisis has reignited the debate on income and wealth inequality, and in particular on the distributional implications of crises and policy responses. Redistributive effects have traditionally been associated with fiscal policy but since the crisis, the impact of monetary policy and central banks’ efforts to support financial stability has drawn increasing attention. This year’s Annual DNB Research Conference focused on trends and drivers of income and wealth distribution, the impact of the global financial crisis, and the implications of policies adopted in the wake of the crisis.
The conference was opened by Frank Elderson (Executive Director of DNB), who introduced the topic of the conference and highlighted its importance for central banks. The four sessions of the conference included keynote lectures by Charles Goodhart (LSE) on ‘Distributional implications of the crisis and policy responses’ and Markus Brunnermeier (Princeton University) on ‘Redistributive Monetary Policy and the I Theory of Money’.
The conference also included a policy panel on ‘Distributional implications of policy responses to the crisis’, with panellists including Martin Hellwig (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods), Klaas Knot (DNB), Piergiorgio Alessandri (Bank of Italy) and William White (OECD).
Detailed information can be found in the programme.