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Jaap A. Bikker

Jaap A. Bikker

Jaap A. Bikker

Economics and Research Division

Short bio

As of August 2018, Jacob Bikker is affiliated to the Research department of the Economics and Research division. He is also emeritus professor of Banking and Financial Regulation at the Utrecht University School of Economics.


1982 - Ph.D. Economics, Free University, Amsterdam; dissertation: Supply-Demand Models for Systems of Geographically Dispersed Markets, with Applications to International Trade Flows and Hospital Admissions in the North of the Netherlands
1977 - M.Sc. Econometrics, Free University, Amsterdam

Research interests  

  • Banking, Insurance & Pensions
  • Competition on financial markets
  • Efficiency of financial institutions
  • Gravity models
  • Procyclicality & regulation
  • Risk management

Working papers

See my Repec page.

Publications in refereed journals

Bikker, J.A. and J.G.J. Bekooij (2023), Market forces in healthcare insurance: the impact of healthcare reform on regulated competition revisited, International Journal of Finance and Economics, forthcoming.

Koetsier, I. and J. A. Bikker (2023), Herd behaviour of pension funds by asset class, International Journal of Economics and Finance, 15(2). Download 

Okolelova, I. and J. A. Bikker (2022), The Single Supervisory Mechanism: competitive implications for the banking sectors in the euro area, International Journal of Finance and Economics 27(2), 1818-1835. Download

Bikker, J.A. and J.J. Meringa (2022), Have scale effects on cost margins of pension fund investment portfolios disappeared? Applied Economics 54(39), 4501-4518. Download

Koetsier, I. and J.A. Bikker (2022), Herd behaviour of pension funds in sovereign bond investments, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance 21(4), 475-501. Download

Gerritsen, D.F. and J.A. Bikker (2020), Bank switching and interest rates: Examining annual transfers between savings accounts, Journal of Financial Services Research 57(1), 29-49. Download 

van Bezooijen, E.F.S. and J.A. Bikker (2019), Financial structure and macroeconomic volatility: a panel data analysis, International Journal of Economics and Finance 11(12). Download

Alserda, G.A.G., J.A. Bikker and F.S.G. Van Der Lecq (2018), X-efficiency and economies of scale in pension fund administration and investment, Applied Economics 50 (48), 5164-5188. Download

Bikker, J.A. and D.F. Gerritsen (2018), Determinants of interest rates on time deposits and savings accounts: macro factors, bank risk, and account features, International Review of Finance 18, 169-216. Download

Bikker, J.A. and T.M. Vervliet (2018), Bank profitability and risk-taking under low interest rates, International Journal of Finance and Economics 23, 3-18. Download

Bikker, J.A. (2017), Is there an optimal pension fund size? A scale-economy analysis of administrative costs, Journal of Risk and Insurance 84 (2), 739-770. Download

Bikker, J.A. (2017), Competition and scale economy effects of the Dutch 2006 health care insurance reform, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice 42, 53–78. Download

Bikker, J.A. and D. van der Linde (2016), Scale economies in local public administration, Local government Studies 42(3), 441-463. Download

>Bikker, J.A. (2016), Performance of the life insurance industry under pressure: efficiency, competition and consolidation, Risk Management & Insurance Review 19, 73-104. Download working paper

Bikker, J.A., T. Knaap and W. Romp (2014), Measuring and explaining implicit risk sharing in defined benefit pension funds>, Applied Economics 46, 1996-2009. Download

Gorter, J.K. and J.A Bikker (2013), Investment risk-taking of institutional investors, Applied Economics 45, 4629-4640.Download

Ferwerda, J., M. Kattenberg, H.-H. Chang, B. Unger, L. Groot and J.A. Bikker (2013), Gravity models of trade-based money laundering, Applied Economics 45, 3170-3182. Download

van Leuvensteijn, M., C. Kok-Sørensen, J.A. Bikker and A.A.R.J.M. van Rixtel (2013), Impact of bank competition on the interest rate pass-through in the euro area, Applied Economics 45, 1359-1380. Download

Spierdijk, L. and J.A. Bikker (2012), Mean reversion in stock prices: implications for long-term investors, Journal of Investment Strategies 2, 1-12. Download working paper

de Dreu, J. and J.A. Bikker (2012), Investment risk-taking of institutional investors, Journal of Banking & Finance 36, 2145–2156. Download

Bikker, J.A., S. Shaffer and L. Spierdijk (2012), Assessing competition with the Panzar-Rosse model: the role of scale, costs, and equilibrium, Review of Economics and Statistics 94, 1025–1044.Download

Bikker, J.A., D. Broeders, D. Hollanders and E. Ponds (2012), Pension funds’ asset allocation and participant age: a test of the life-cycle model, Journal of Risk and Insurance 79, 595-618.Download

Bikker, J.A., O.W. Steenbeek and F. Torracchi (2012), The impact of scale, complexity, and service quality on the administrative costs of pension funds: A cross-country comparison, Journal of Risk and Insurance 79, 477-514. Download

Spierdijk, L., J.A. Bikker and P. van den Hoek (2012), Mean reversion in international stock markets: an empirical analysis of the 20th century, Journal of International Money and Finance 31, 228-249. Download

Bikker, J.A. and J. Gorter (2011), Restructuring of the Dutch nonlife insurance industry: Consolidation, organizational form, and focus, Journal of Risk and Insurance 78, 163-184. Download

Bikker, J.A. (2010), Measuring performance of banks: an assessment, Journal of Applied Business and Economics 11(4). Download

van Leuvensteijn, M., J.A. Bikker, A.A.R.J.M. van Rixtel and J.A.C. Kok Sørensen (2010), A new approach to measuring competition in the loan markets of the euro area, Applied Economics 43, 3155-3167.Download

Bikker, J.A. and L. Spierdijk (2010), Measuring and explaining competition in the financial sector, Journal of Applied Business and Economics 11(1), 11-42. Download

Bikker, J.A., D. Broeders and J. de Dreu (2010), Stock market performance and pension fund investment policy: Rebalancing, free float, or market timing?, International Journal of Central Banking 6(2), 53-79. Download

Bikker, J.A., L. Spierdijk and P.J. van der Sluis (2010), What factors increase the risk of incurring high market impact costs?, Applied Economics 42, 369–387. Download

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Bikker, J.A. and P.J.G. Vlaar (2007), Conditional indexation in defined benefit pension plans in the Netherlands, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and Practice 32, 494-515. Download manuscript

Bikker, J.A. and P.A.J. Metzemakers (2007), Is bank capital pro-cyclical? A cross-country analysis, Kredit und Kapital 40, 225-264. Download manuscript

Bikker, J.A., L. Spierdijk and P.J. van der Sluis (2007), Market impact costs of institutional equity trades, Journal of International Money and Finance 26, 974-1000. Download 

Bikker, J.A. and J.W.B. Bos (2005), Competition and efficiency in banking: international comparisons, Economic & Financial Modelling 12, 103-148. Download manuscript  

Bikker, J.A. and P.A.J. Metzemakers (2005), Bank provisioning behaviour and procyclicality, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money 15, 141-157. Download

Bikker, J.A. and J.W.B. Bos (2005), Trends in competition and profitability of the banking industry: a basic framework, Suerf Series 2005/2, 88 pages. Download manuscript

Bikker, J.A. (2003), Testing for imperfect competition on the EU deposit and loan markets with Bresnahan’s market power model, Kredit und Kapital 36, 167-212.

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Books and publications in books

Bikker, J.A. (ed.), 2022, Pension fund economics and finance: efficiency, investments and risk-taking (in Chinese language), Routledge/Shanghai University of Finance & Economics Press.

Bikker, J.A., 2018, Pension fund economics and finance: efficiency, investments and risk-taking, Routledge.

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Bikker, J.A., 2009, Sizing up performance measures of the financial services sector, in : J.-P. Schoder, E. Gnan, F. Lierman and M. Balling (eds), Proceedings on the Suerf Conference 'Productivity in the Financial Services Sector', 11-12 November, 2008, Luxembourg. Download manuscript

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Other publications

Bikker, J.A., J.J. Meringa, 2024, Grootste pensioenfondsen beleggen niet beter, Economisch Statistische Berichten 109(4830), 22 February, 82-85.

Bikker, J.A., J.J. Meringa, 2021, Schaalvoordelen in operationele kosten van pensioenfondsen, Tijdschrift voor Pensioenvraagstukken, no. 6, 19-24.

Bikker, J.A., J.J. Meringa, 2021, Schaalvoordelen in beleggingskosten van pensioenfondsen: desaggregatie naar beleggingscategorieën en kostencomponenten, Het Verzekerings-Archief 98, 1st quarter. Download

Bikker, J.A., J.J. Meringa, 2021, Schaalvoordelen vrijwel verdwenen bij beleggingen door pensioenfondsen, Economisch Statistische Berichten, 21 April. Download

Koetsier, I., J.A. Bikker, 2020, Kuddegedrag van pensioenfondsen per beleggingscategorie, TPEdigitaal 14(2), 48-60. Download

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