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iForum initiatives


In close cooperation with the financial sector, the aim of the iForum is to develop initiatives that create added value for both the institutions under our supervision and DNB.

Published: 07 July 2023

Overview of initiatives by quarter

Below is an overview of the initiatives by topic and by quarter. You can find a more detailed description on the iForum themes page. Are you interested in joining one of the initiatives? Please let us know at iforum@dnb.nl.

Initiatives - Q4 2020

Process information
Institutions have expressed a need for more clarity and guidance about the status of the applications and reports they submit. We want to provide them with a better overview of status information and timelines when using our portals.

Initiatives - Q3 2020

Improving the quality of reports through cooperation
We aim to improve the quality of supervisory reports by cooperating more efficiently with the sector and applying new technologies such as machine learning. In a pilot with insurers and pension funds, we explore which tools and techniques are able to provide added value.
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Process mining
Using process mining, we aim to find a more effective and efficient way to gain an understanding of the degree of process control in financial institutions.
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Machine-readable/executable laws and regulations
In a pilot on Open Book on Supervision we are exploring the option of making laws and regulations available in a machine-readable or executable format so that they can be analysed automatically in systems. This would make it much easier for institutions to identify which laws and regulations apply to them in particular situations.
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Responsible use of AI: explainability
We want to ensure that the financial sector uses AI in a responsible manner. This means institutions must be able to explain the outcomes of the models they use. Together with the institutions we are developing a framework to achieve this.
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Initiatives - Q1/Q2 2020

User experience
This initiative focuses on improving the user experience of our portals. Based on experiences, bottlenecks and suggestions for improvement from users, our development teams will implement improvements.

Indirect costs of supervision: survey
We want to limit the indirect costs of our supervision using state-of-the-art technologies. We start by identifying the main cost drivers.
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Indirect costs of supervision: duplicate data requests
Together with insurers we investigate whether certain data are currently requested in duplicate and if so, how we can prevent this in order to limit the indirect costs of our supervision.
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Digital signature
Institutions still need to sign certain statements and documents manually and submit them to us as a hard copy by regular mail. We want to find a legally valid and user-friendly way to allow institutions to sign and submit these documents digitally.
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Interest rate benchmarks
A transition to alternative interest rate benchmarks has been under way since 2014. This transition period poses a threat to financial stability: while several benchmarks are being phased out, many financial assets still depend on those benchmarks. We are monitoring the transition at a selection of financial institutions by means of a data request. This will allow us to take action should the risks associated with the transition materialise.
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Real-time liquidity supervision
In the coming years, we will increasingly communicate digitally with financial institutions. This allows us to receive data more quickly and more frequently. Together with the sector we want to explore the pros and cons of real-time supervision and the technical possibilities and legal consequences.
This initiative has been completed.

More information

If you need more information, please visit the Initiatives page.