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DNB's iForum aims to create more room for technological innovation within the financial system.


Technological developments are changing the financial world at an ever increasing pace. In order to safeguard a well-functioning and stable financial sector we have formulated a digital strategy. we want to be a “smart supervisor” in 2025, a data-driven supervisor using the latest technologies to make our supervision better, faster and cheaper. Close cooperation with the sector is crucial to achieve this, since technology has a significant impact on all partners in the financial ecosystem. This is why we have set up the iForum platform.


The iForum is designed as a platform for joint initiatives that create value for both supervised institutions – such as banks, insurers and pension funds – and DNB. We are looking to create this value through an ongoing dialogue on the impact of technological innovations on the sector, and by developing joint pilots and experiments in the areas where technology and supervision meet.


We investigate the impact of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the sector and supervision, for example to analyse supervisory data. We also explore the pros and cons of realtime supervision, using data obtained directly from banks, insurers and pension funds rather than data from supervisory reports. This way, we can gain a better understanding of the opportunities and risks of technological innovation. Through ongoing digitalisation of our processes we want to make our supervision more efficient and less burdensome for the sector

How does it work?

We have created a process for the launch of iForum initiatives. Watch the video for a brief explanation of this process.


Show & Tell – 9 July 2020
On 9 July 2020 we organised the first iForum Show & Tell, in which we shared our results and experiences with the financial sector. Would you like to know more? Watch the presentation. The next Show & Tell is scheduled for 12 December 2020, from 12.00 to 13.30. Interested? Please register at iforum@dnb.nl.

Indirect costs survey
We launched a short survey to find out how to limit the indirect costs of our supervision using digitalisation and technology. The survey was distributed through sector organisations such as the Dutch Banking Association (NVB), the Dutch Association of Insurers, the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds, the Dutch Payments Association and the APT.

First iPanel meeting on 16 April 2020
The iPanel provides strategic advice to the iForum. Its first meeting took place on 16 April 2020 and focused on sharing experiences and discussing mutual expectations, themes and possible initiatives. See the iPanel page for more information.

First initiatives
The first initiatives were launched in early 2020. See the Initiatives page for an up-to-date overview.

iForum Charter
In a series of workshops in early 2020 we discussed the purpose and functioning of the iForum with the sector. We processed their input in the iForum Charter, which you can find under How does the iForum work?.

Kick-off meeting
The iForum kicked off on 5 November 2019. Watch the aftermovie.