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At the iForum we gather sector input to support our digital transformation.


Technological developments are changing the financial world. As the sector’s rapid digital transformation shows no signs of slowing down, supervisors also need to digitise their operations. We want to be a data-driven supervisor, using the latest technological innovations to become better, faster and more efficient. Given the impact this could have throughout the entire supervision chain, we believe it is important to keep the sector involved. This is why we have set up the iForum platform.


We want to make it easy for the sector to weigh in on our digital transformation, as this could benefit both the sector and DNB by ensuring better usability, lower indirect costs and improved reporting quality. It is therefore important to use input from institutions to inform our transformation process.

iForum topics

The iForum facilitates that external parties can get a quick overview of DNB’s digital transformation and where it could affect the sector. On the iForum, you will find:

  • User groups
    Via the iForum we engage with institutions through various user groups (such as My DNB), gathering perspectives from the sector to support our digital transformation.

  • Counter for duplicate information requests from DNB & AFM
    The iForum has an online counter that can be used to report duplicate information requests from DNB and/or the AFM. These may be duplicate requests from either DNB or the AFM, or requests submitted by both DNB and the AFM.

  • Communication on DNB’s digitalisation
    Through the iForum, we proactively engage with the sector about our current digitalisation activities and use of technological innovations.

  • Sector input on digitalisation of supervision
    Institutions can use the iForum to share suggestions on how we could streamline our digital interaction with them, and to discuss their needs in this area. For instance, they might have ideas on how to reduce the indirect costs of our supervision.

You are always welcome to use the iForum to submit questions about any of the topics listed above, or to post your thoughts on matters related to innovation and supervision. Feel free to get in touch with us at iforum@dnb.nl.


Adjusting the scope of iForum

The iForum and iPanel were evaluated internally and externally at the beginning of 2023, which has resulted in a number of design changes. The iForum now focuses more specifically on the digitalisation of our supervision, and the iPanel has been dissolved.

Dissolution of iPanel
The iPanel was part of the iForum and comprised senior management representatives from sector associations, supervised institutions, the AFM, the Ministry of Finance and DNB. It was established to facilitate a strategic dialogue with the sector on technological developments. However, we jointly concluded that the current pace and dynamics of innovation call for a more flexible format than that of the iPanel, under which a fixed group came together once every quarter. The iPanel was therefore dissolved on 30 March 2023. At the same time, technological developments and digitalisation remain as important as ever for DNB. We will therefore make every effort to continue a strategic dialogue on these topics through a flexible technology calendar with topical issues related to digitalisation and the impact of technological developments.

Show & Tell – 9 July 2020

On 9 July 2020 we organised the first iForum Show & Tell, in which we shared our results and experiences with the financial sector. Would you like to know more? Watch the presentation. The next Show & Tell is scheduled for 12 December 2020, from 12.00 to 13.30. Interested? Please register at iforum@dnb.nl.

Indirect costs survey

We launched a short survey to find out how to limit the indirect costs of our supervision using digitalisation and technology. The survey was distributed through sector organisations such as the Dutch Banking Association (NVB), the Dutch Association of Insurers, the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds, the Dutch Payments Association and the APT.

First iPanel meeting on 16 April 2020

The iPanel provides strategic advice to the iForum. Its first meeting took place on 16 April 2020 and focused on sharing experiences and discussing mutual expectations, themes and possible initiatives. See the iPanel page for more information.

First initiatives

The first initiatives were launched in early 2020. See the Initiatives page for an up-to-date overview.

iForum Charter

In a series of workshops in early 2020 we discussed the purpose and functioning of the iForum with the sector. We processed their input in the iForum Charter, which you can find under How does the iForum work?.

Kick-off meeting

The iForum kicked off on 5 November 2019. Watch the aftermovie.