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Public awareness of the Dutch Deposit Guarantee

vrouw voor woonhuis

Public awareness of the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) is essential to ensure its intended stabilising effect. The more people are aware of the scheme, the less likelihood there is of a bank run when an institution gets into problems. We therefore aim to improve public awareness of the Dutch Deposit Guarantee, to 65% by the end of 2022 and 70% by the end of 2024.

Public information campaign

Working together with the banks, we launched a public information campaign about the Dutch Deposit Guarantee in April 2021. It includes a new and user-friendly website with clear information for the public, such frequently-asked questions and explainer videos. We also use various social media channels to inform the public about the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Last but not least, we encourage the sector to use the model texts and visual materials in our Guidance and Toolkit for Information about the Dutch Deposit Guarantee, which we developed for the sector. On the Overview of media materials for the Dutch Deposit Guarantee page you will find a technical toolkit as well as all visuals, videos and images for the sector.

Increasing public awareness

Research shows that in 2019 and 2020, 58% of Dutch people were familiar with the Dutch Deposit Guarantee. This means there is room for improvement, also in comparison with deposit guarantee schemes in other countries. In consultation with the financial sector, we will continue to work to raise public awareness of the Dutch Deposit Guarantee in the next few years, for example through our public information campaign.

In February 2019 we published a (Dutch-language) consultation document on increasing public awareness of the deposit guarantee scheme. Based on this document, we are working with the sector on our strategy to increase public awareness of the DGS in general and its specific characteristics in particular. We envisage being responsible for the content and the process, while the sector acts as a distribution partner.

Following the consultation, we have set up an expert group with DGS experts and communication experts from the sector. Together with this expert group and supported by a communication consultancy firm, we have launched an active public information campaign. In early 2020, we published a progress report on our efforts to increase public awareness.

Guidance and Toolkit Information about the Dutch Deposit Guarantee


Consultatiedocument Vergroten Publieksbekendheid DGS - februari 2019