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Quarterly DGS reports

Meisje op straat

Banks must submit DGS reports on a quarterly basis to DNB, amongst others for the determination of banks’ contributions to the Deposit Guarantee Fund. The Regulation on Statements of Financial Undertakings under the Financial Supervision Act 2011 (Statements Regulation, in Dutch ‘Regeling Staten’) contains provisions to this effect.

The Statements Regulation

Banks must submit quarterly data to allow DNB to set their contributions to the Deposit Guarantee Fund. They must provide data on the number of accounts, balances and covered deposits. The Statements Regulation, among other things, sets out this obligation in more detail.

Amendment to Statements Regulation

In late June 2021, DNB issued a new amendment to the Statements Regulation. It was published in the Government Gazette in August 2021 and took effect on 1 October 2021. Banks must apply the amendment for the first time to their reporting for the period ending on 31 December 2021. The current format applied until the reporting for the period ending on 30 September 2021.

What has changed?

We have shortened the submission deadline from six to four weeks. Also, we explain the difference between deposits held by large corporates and those of other organisations. In addition, we have added the obligation to report on cross-border services.

XBRL taxonomy

DGS reports must be submitted using an XBRL taxonomy. Effective 31 December 2021, the present XBRL taxonomy (version 1.1.0) is replaced by version 2.0.0. The new version includes the template for cross-border services.

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Amendments version

XBRL taxonomy version

Basis for data submission starting

Policy Rules for the DGS for banks - October 2021 (third version)

Quarterly DGS report – XBRL taxonomy version 2.0.0 (ZIP)

1 April 2022

Policy Rules for the DGS – February 2019 (second version)

Not available in English

Quarterly DGS report – XBRL taxonomy version 1.1.0 (ZIP)

1 January 2020


XBRL taxonomy for quarterly DGS report