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Start consultation amendments DGS Policy Rules 2024

News item Dutch Deposit Guarantee

On June 6th, DNB started the public consultation of the 2024 amendment round of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) Policy Rules for banks. Parties are invited to submit responses to the consultation to DNB by 19 July at the latest. This consultation is part of the periodic process in which the Single Customer View (SCV, or Individueel Klantbeeld, IKB) Policy Rule and the Policy Rule Scope and Execution DGS are improved and supplemented. The current round of amendments mainly follows from the amendment of the Decree on Special Prudential Measures, Investor Compensation and Deposit Guarantees under the Financial Supervision Act (Besluit bijzondere prudentiële maatregelen, beleggerscompensatie en depositogarantie Wft, Bbpm). The amendment to the Bbpm will enter into force on 1 September 2024.

Published: 10 June 2024

Overleg op kantoor

Proposed amendments

The proposed amendments that are being submitted for consultation concern (i) the alignment with the independent protection of non-natural persons without legal personality, (ii) the alignment with the extension of the term and the situations in which there is an additional protection and (iii) the clarification of the information obligation of banks to DNB when there are changes, amendments and incidents that could have an impact on the SCV system of banks.

Publication and opportunity to respond

You can find the consultation document on the page ‘Individueel Klantbeeld DGS’ (only available in Dutch). By publishing the consultation document, DNB gives stakeholders the opportunity to respond to the proposed amendments. A substantiated response to the proposed amendments and in particular to the consultation questions mentioned in the consultation document can be submitted by 19 July 2024 by e-mail to consultatie-dgs@dnb.nl, with the title ‘Response to consultation amendment round 2024 DGS regulations’. The input will then be included, where appropriate, in the adoption of the final amendments. The intention is that the finalized amendments will be published in September 2024, after which the changes leading to the adjustment of the SCV system of banks must be implemented by either 1 April 2025 or 1 July 2025 – this depends on the entry into force of part of the amendments to the Bbpm.

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