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29-06-2021 Excel submission templates renewed

The templates for using the Excel submission facility have been updated. The taxonomy and the data to be entered themselves have not changed. The adjustments concern improvements in the user-friendliness of form TOC and in calculation rules for the overview form T11.01. More specifically, the following changes have been made:

  1. On the form TOC, a drop-down list has been included in the field to be completed at 'Scheme' with a choice of LEI/KvK/RIAD/MDM, whereby this is set to RIAD as default for profiles IF and IFSB.
  2. On overview form T11.01:

- some imperfections have been corrected in the formulas for derivatives (r130 and r260 – c030, c040 and c050);

- in the formula for 'Accrued Interest' on the liability side, r290-c020 two missing transaction components of T07.10 have been added (+ Sold interest during the quarter - Coupon amount paid during the quarter).


The modified Excel submission templates are available in DLR and can also be found here on the website (under 'Other user documentation' under 'Documentation MESREP').

The adjustments in the calculation rules have also been incorporated in the document Calculation rules for T11 and T12, which you can find here (under 'Other user documentation' under 'Documentation MESREP').