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Licence as a bank - overview

Dutch consumers and the economy as a whole stand to benefit from a varied range of financial products and services, which is why we welcome new and innovative parties to the market. A safe, innovative, reliable and responsible financial sector can contribute towards sustainable prosperity in the Netherlands, which is what De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) seeks to achieve.

Any party wanting to pursue the business of a bank in the Netherlands must hold the appropriate licence from the European Central Bank (ECB). If your bank has its registered office in the Netherlands, you must apply to DNB for a licence. A bank may not start operations until it has been issued a licence, unless it is exempted and does not need a licence by law.

More information

This section of Open Book on Supervision provides with information about market access for aspiring banks. You will also find explanatory notes to the concepts and statutory provisions that are relevant to market access and a licence for parties engaging in bank activities.


If you are an innovative financial services or products provider, you can visit the InnovationHub, a joint initiative of supervisors DNB and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), with any questions you may have about the applicability of rules and regulations. The InnovationHub offers innovative businesses and incumbent market participants the opportunity to discuss regulatory issues directly with the relevant supervisory authority, irrespective of whether they are subject to supervision. It aims to facilitate innovation in the financial sector.

Any questions?

With questions you can always contact us. You can reach us in several ways:

By mail

De Nederlandsche Bank NV
Expert Centre on Market Access
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DNB Information Desk, open on business days between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (0800 020 10 68 in the Netherlands, or +31 20 524 91 11 if calling from abroad).


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Information licence application for a bank

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