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Authorisation requirements for an exchange institution


Pursuant to Section 2:54i, in conjunction with Section 2:54j, of the Wft, no-one may pursue the business of an exchange institution without an authorisation issued by DNB. Before performing any exchange transactions in the Netherlands, you must satisfy certain market access requirements. The applicant will be assessed against these requirements in the context of the application process.

Published: 16 May 2013

Sections 2:54j and 2:54m of the Wft list the authorisation requirements. You will find a non-limited list of the general authorisation requirements below. Please read the brochure for more detailed information about all application requirements before you submit your application.

  • Trustworthiness of the persons who determine or co-determine the organisation's policy (S. 3:9 Wft)
  • Policy that guarantees ethical operational policies (3:10 [1] and [2] Wft). This concerns, among other things, the prevention of conflicts of interests, non-compliance with legislation or other socially undesirable acts.
  • Controlled and ethical business operations (S. 3:17 [1] and [2] Wft). This refers to an organisational setup that guarantees controlled and ethical business operations, including control of operational processes and risks.