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Insurers (macro-economic)

This dashboard shows the assets on the balance sheets of various insurers. These assets are then broken down by type of insurer and financial instrument.

Insurer assets analysed according to financial instrument

Aggregate Dutch insurer assets can be analysed according to the different financial instruments held on their balance sheets. A detailed explanation of the various financial instruments can be found in the “Explanation” tab for aggregate insurers.

Assets broken down by type of insurer

There are different types of insurers. We distinguish the following types for statistical purposes: reinsurers, life insurers, and non-life and health insurers.


A reinsurer is an insurer that insures (part of) the risk – e.g. of claims or death – accepted by other types of insurers and pension funds. A reinsurer does not provide services to consumers or other companies, but only to insurers and pension funds.

Life insurers

A life insurer insures future benefits during the life or following the death of individuals. Life insurers only provide monetary benefits. If the amount of the benefit is predefined, it does not depend on the actual damage sustained. In the case of defined premium insurance, the insurer invests the premium amounts, with future benefits depending on the return on investment.

Non-life and health insurers

A non-life insurer insures the loss that arises when an uncertain event or circumstance occurs. In non-life insurance, benefits are related to the damage sustained by the insured. Examples include legal assistance insurance, accident insurance and health insurance.

This dashboard presents the macroeconomic statistics that we publish on Dutch insurers. View more data in the tables:

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Insurers (macro-economic)