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Pension funds

Overzichtsafbeelding dashboard Pensioenfondsen

DNB publishes macroeconomic statistics on Dutch pension funds and supervises the Dutch pension sector. This dashboard is structured according to these two tasks.

The Pension funds (macroeconomic) dashboard provides data in the context of statistics in accordance with internationally established guidelines for statistical purposes. These figures provide insight into how the pensions sector as a whole contributes to the Dutch economy and how it is related to other sectors at home and abroad. For example, it shows how the aggregate assets held by pension funds operating in the Netherlands are invested. 

The Pension funds (supervision) dashboard provides data collected in the context of prudential supervision of individual Dutch pension funds in accordance with the Dutch Pensions Act (Pensioenwet). This includes data on the financial health of pension funds, such as funding ratios, membership numbers and assets invested at the funds’ own risk. 


Different dashboards that have their own definitions

Macroeconomic statistics and supervisory data each have their own definitions and concepts. As a result, seemingly similar magnitudes may differ numerically.

For example, pension assets are higher according to macroeconomic statistics than according to supervisory data. The main reason for this is that derivatives, loans and other assets are shown on a gross basis in macroeconomic statistics, whereas they are netted in supervisory data. There is also a difference in terms of population: according to macroeconomic statistics, premium pension institutions (PPIs) are part of the Dutch pension fund sector. Under the Pensions Act, however, they do not qualify as pension funds, so they are excluded from supervisory data.

Note that the data in this dashboard do not provide a complete picture of the pension assets of Dutch households. Obtaining the full picture requires looking not only at pension assets held by Dutch pension funds, but also by other institutions, such as insurers. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) publishes the aggregate pension entitlements of the Dutch household sector as part of the National Accounts.

More information

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