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The assessment procedure


Applications for assessments can be submitted through My DNB. The statutory period for processing applications for assessments is 13 weeks. If any necessary documents are lacking, this period may be extended.

Published: 22 March 2023

Based on the information submitted DNB decides whether to invite the individual in question for an assessment interview. If a clear picture emerges from its own files and the documents submitted, it may come down in favour of the appointment without initiating an interview.

Should DNB however require more information, it will invite the individual for an interview. The interview will be held at DNB’s offices and usually lasts about 90 minutes.

DNB informs the individual by telephone as soon as it has taken a preliminary decision on the assessment of their fitness and propriety. After that DNB informs the firm if the outcome of the assessment is positive. It then confirms its decision in writing. If DNB intends to issue a negative decision, it informs the individual in writing of its intention and makes a telephone appointment with them to explain its point of view.

The individual and the firm will be given the opportunity to present their views on the preliminary decision, orally or in writing. DNB will consider these views in reaching a definitive decision. Both the individual and the firm may lodge an objection to the decision with DNB’s Legal Services Department. After the objection procedure they may lodge an appeal with the administrative-law sector of the District Court, and a further appeal with the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal.

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