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Application process (10 steps)


Published: 01 April 2017

The statutory consideration period for an application to be authorised as a trust office is thirteen weeks. The consideration period will start when we have received your application for a licence.

We will start reviewing your application immediately after receiving it. This marks the start of the 13-week consideration period. We will first check that you have completed the application form in full and included all required documents. If we find that information is missing, you will be given the opportunity to supplement your application within a specified deadline. The consideration period will then be suspended. See also: Application process timeline

10 steps

The licence application involves several steps. For example, after our first review of your file, we may ask you to provide additional information. We may also request a meeting with you and we may need to assess your company's policymakers. We have illustrated the various steps for you. DNB has created an animation showing how licence applications are processed.

ten steps to authorisation

Quality of application

The total time taken to process your application depends greatly on its quality and completeness and the additional information you supply. If it is inadequate, we may need more than thirteen weeks to come to a decision.

Success factors

To ensure that your application is dealt with smoothly, we have set out a number of success factors(link) for you. If you have any further tips or suggestions, please send them to us(link) and we will include them in this list.

Information on applying for a licence as a trust office

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