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Dutch consumers and the economy as a whole stand to benefit from a varied range of financial products and services, which is why we welcome new and innovative parties to the market. A safe, innovative, reliable and responsible financial sector can contribute towards sustainable prosperity in the Netherlands, which is what De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) seeks to achieve.

Companies wishing to enter the financial market usually require permission to do so from DNB, for example in the form of a licence. Trust offices are not permitted to start providing trust services until they have been granted a licence. They can apply for a licence from DNB. We will then verify whether all applicable requirements have been complied with and whether the requested licence can be issued.

More information

In this part of Open Book on Supervision you will find a summary of relevant information on market access for trust offices. You will also find explanatory notes on the terms and statutory provisions that are relevant to market access and the licensing of parties operating as a trust office.


If you are launching innovative financial services or products on the market and have questions concerning the applicability of regulations, you can obtain information from the joint InnovationHub operated by DNB and the AFM.

The InnovationHub gives innovative businesses and existing market operators an opportunity to discuss regulatory issues directly with the supervisory authority, irrespective of whether they are subject to supervision. It aims to facilitate innovation in the financial sector.

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