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2016 - Programme Inflation in the 21st century: New policies for new challenges?

Programme and presentations

THURSDAY, 29 September 2016 - Board room at DNB 

8:45-9:30         Registration with coffee/tea 
9:30-9.45         Opening address: Klaas Knot (President of DNB)

SESSION I: Wage dynamics, unemployment and output

Chair: Robert Vermeulen (DNB)

9:45-10:45       Pieter Gautier (University of Amsterdam), Donggyun Shin, Gary Solon Wage Adjustment in the Great Recession and Other Downturns: Evidence from the United States and Great Britain Slides 
10:45-11:15      Coffee break
11:15-12:15      Guido Ascari, Andrea Colciago (DNB and University of Milano Bicocca), Lorenza Rossi Limited Asset Market Participation, Sticky Wages and Monetary Policy  Presentation
Discussant: Bjoern Bruggeman (VU University Amsterdam) Discussion

12:15-13:30      Lunch in Foyer, at 1st floor of DNB   
13:30-14:30      Keynote Address: John Taylor (Stanford University) Keynote

SESSION II: Inflation target, the zero lower bound, welfare effects of alternative inflation targets

Chair: Aerdt Houben (DNB, Director of the Financial Markets Division) 
14:30-15:30      Andrea De Michelis (FRB), Matteo Iacoviello,  Raising an Inflation Target: the Japanese Experience with Abenomics Presentation
Discussant: Dennis Bonam (DNB) Discussion 
15:30-16:00      Coffee break
16:00-17:00      Xavier Ragot (OFCE and PSE) Optimal Monetary Policy in a Liquidity Trap with Heterogeneous Agents  Presentation
Discussant: Patrizio Tirelli (University of Milano Bicocca) Discussion 
18:00-21:00      Conference Dinner at Restaurant Breitner

FRIDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER 2016 “  Board room at DNB                          

8:45-9:15      Registration with coffee/tea 

Session III: Structural changes and inflation dynamics

Chair: Christiaan Pattipeilohy (DNB, Head of the Monetary Policy Department) 

9:15-10:15       Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Viacheslav Sheremirov, Oleksandr Talavera (University of Sheffield) Price Setting in Online Markets: Does IT Click? Presentation
Discussant: Eric Bartelsman (VU University of Amsterdam) Discussion 
10:15-10:30      Coffee break
10:30-11:30      Raphael Auer (BIS, Swiss National Bank), Andrei Levchenko, Philip Saure International Inflation Spillovers Through Input Linkages  Presentation 
Discussant: Joao Amador (Banco de Portugal) Discussion
11.30-12.30       Keynote speech: Roberto Rigobon (MIT)  Presentation 
12:30-13:30      Lunch in Foyer, at 1st floor of DNB   
13:30-15:00      Policy panel: Laurence Ball (Johns Hopkins University), Davide Furceri (IMF) Roberto Rigobon (MIT), Jakob de Haan (DNB and University of Groningen) Presentation Furceri - Presentation de Haan
Moderator: Jan Marc Berk (DNB) 

SESSION IV: Inflation measurement and forecasting

Chair: Peter van Els (DNB, Head of the Econometrics and Forecasting Department) 

15:00-16:00      Domenico Giannone, Michele Lenza (ECB), Giorgio Primiceri Priors for the Long Run   Presentation
Discussant: Robert Paul Berben (DNB) Discussion

16:00-16:15      Coffee break
16:15-17:15      Ching-Wai Chiu, Haroon Mumtaz (Queen Mary University), Gabor Pinter VAR Models with Non-Gaussian Shocks   Presentation 
Discussant: Andreas Pick (DNB and Erasmus University Rotterdam) Discussion 
17:15-18:15      Farewell drinks