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Household savings

This dashboard shows the volume and trends of Dutch households' savings at banks in the Netherlands. These are savings with an agreed maturity (savings deposits) and deposits redeemable at notice (such as internet savings accounts). The dashboard also shows withdrawals and deposits, as well as interest credited over the years. 

The deposits redeemable at notice category includes deposits without any agreed maturity which can be withdrawn subject to prior notice at no substantial cost. One example is internet savings accounts, which a customer can generally only access after transferring an amount to a payment account. 

Deposits with an agreed maturity are deposits that cannot be converted into ready cash before an agreed term expires, or only upon payment of a penalty.  

Bank balances of Dutch households

Dutch households' savings consist of deposits redeemable at notice and deposits with an agreed maturity. In addition to savings, Dutch households have balances in overnight deposits (payment accounts). Overnight deposits are deposits which are convertible into cash or can be accessed by credit transfer or debit card without significant delay, restriction or penalty.

Interest on savings

The charts below show credited interest and the bank interest paid on savings (deposits with an agreed maturity and deposits redeemable at notice). These are the average annual interest rates on outstanding amounts (no new business).  

The ECB'S website allows comparison between the average interest rates paid on all bank deposits (including deposits with an agreed maturity and deposits redeemable at notice) in other European countries. 

The present dashboard shows the statistics we publish on Dutch savings. View more data in the tables: 

More information 

Consult the full list of savings data and our latest news items on savings.

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