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Revised template Article 23 LCR DR qualitative data request

Nieuwsbericht toezicht

Gepubliceerd: 10 augustus 2021

DNB has revised the format of the annual Article 23 LCR DR qualitative data request. The new template will be used in the upcoming data request which will be launched in September.

The new template is introduced to achieve more focus and incorporate lessons learned from previous exercises. It consists of four multiple choice questions and four open questions, in which additional information and details can be communicated and clarified. With the removal of the question about the individually quantitative data already reported by institutions, there is now one uniform and simpler template.

The new template will be used for the upcoming Article 23 LCR DR data request, which will be launched on September 15th 2021 and closes on October 15th 2021. This data request is targeted at Dutch LSIs only. Banks are requested to take into account the guidance published by DNB on Open Boek Toezicht. The new template is already available on DLR for information so that institutions can prepare themselves accordingly.

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