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02 juli 2013 Onderzoek Toezichtlabel Working Papers

Using loan-level data, we find that syndicated lending by European banks with sizeable balance sheet exposures to impaired sovereign debt was negatively affected after the start of the euro area sovereign debt crisis. We also observe a reallocation away from foreign (especially US) markets. The overall reduction in lending is not driven by changes in borrower demand and/or quality, or by other types of shocks to bank balance sheets. The slowdown in lending is lower for banks that reduced their debt holdings in the later stages programs.

Keywords: Sovereign debt; bank lending; international transmission.
JEL classification: E44, F34, G21, H63.

Working paper no. 382

382 - The impact of sovereign debt exposure on bank lending: Evidence from the European debt crisis



  • Alexander Popov
  • Neeltje van Horen