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01 oktober 2018 Onderzoek Toezichtlabel Working Papers
The use of online peer-to-peer marketplaces is growing rapidly. It is important to understand what drives consumers usage of these markets. Based on detailed survey data collected among a representative panel of Dutch consumers, we report a significant positive relationship between trust in other people and current and expected future usage of peer platform markets (PPMs). People who in general trust others are 10 percentage points more likely to use PPMs than people who distrust others. Less uncertainty about the reliability of other persons, the quality of goods and services offered and payments can stimulate usage of PPMs.
Keywords: peer platform markets, generalised trust, consumer behaviour, consumption, consumer survey.
JEL classifications: D12, D14, O33.

Working paper no. 608

608 - Trust in other people and the usage of peer platform markets



  • Carin van der Cruijsen
  • Maurice Doll
  • Frank van Hoenselaar