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06 januari 2020 Onderzoek Toezichtlabel Working Papers
FinTech is being adopted across markets worldwide “ but not evenly. Why not? This paper reviews the evidence. In some economies, especially in the developing world, adoption is being driven by an unmet demand for financial services. FinTech promises to deliver greater financial inclusion. In other economies, adoption can be related to the high cost of finance, a supportive regulatory environment, and other macroeconomic factors. Finally, demographics play an important role, as younger cohorts are more likely to trust and adopt FinTech services. Where FinTech helps to make the financial system more inclusive and efficient, this could benefit economic growth. Yet the market failures traditionally present in finance remain relevant, and may arise in new guises. 
Keywords: FinTech, digital innovation, financial inclusion, financial regulation
JEL classifications: E51, G23, O33.
Working paper no. 663

663 - The economic forces driving FinTech adoption across countries



  • Jon Frost