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Innovations, rents and risk

Working Papers

Gepubliceerd: 06 november 2012

This research was conducted within the Paul Woolley Research Initiative on Capital Market Dysfunctionalities at IDEI, Toulouse. Support from the Europlace Institute of Finance, the European Research Council and the Agence Nationale de la Recherche is gratefully aknowledged. Many thanks to participants in the first conference of the Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality at the London School of Economics, the Pompeu Fabra Conference on the Financial Crisis, the third Banco de Portugal conference on Financial Intermediation, the Europlace Institute of Finance 7th Annual Forum, as well as seminar participants at London Business School, Frankfurt University, the European Central Bank and Amsterdam University, especially Sudipto Bhattacharya, Arnoud Boot, John Boyd, Markus Brunnermeier, Catherine Casamatta, Zvi Eckstein, Guido Friebel, Alex Gümbel, Philipp Hartmann, Augustin Landier, Thomas Mariotti, John Moore, Liliana Pellizzon, Enrico Perotti, Ludovic Phalippou, Guillaume Plantin and Steve Schaefer.

Working paper no. 356

356 - Innovations, rents and risk

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