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The rose-colored glasses of homeowners

Working Papers

Gepubliceerd: 23 april 2014

Based on annual household surveys between 2003 and 2012, we show that owners have a rosy picture of their current house value and hold optimistic views on the historical and expected change in house value compared to general price trends. Optimism is both driven by loss aversion and an endowment effect as overestimation of the house value is positively related to the mortgage loan-to-value ratio and tenure of the owner-occupier. After several years of national declines in house prices, the estimates in our sample have become more realistic but the glasses of homeowners remain rose-colored. Even groups of homeowners that are arguably well-informed, e.g. homeowners with moving plans and homeowners that are in charge of household finances, overestimate the value of their house. 
Keywords: housing prices, endowment effect, loss aversion, households, survey data.
JEL-codes: R31, D12.
PsycINFO classification: 3920.

Working paper no. 421

421 - The rose-colored glasses of homeowners

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