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07 november 2016 Onderzoek Toezichtlabel Working Papers

This research examines the effects of socio-psychological factors on consumers’ payment behaviour. Based on insights from the socio-psychological and payment literature we build a theoretical model of payment behaviour. We test this model empirically by focussing on the choice between cash and electronic payments, and by using the outcomes of two specially constructed surveys of a representative panel of Dutch consumers. We are significantly better able to explain payment behaviour than traditional payment models. Moreover, we provide useful insights for those who want to understand and steer payment behaviour. Consumers’ payment attitudes depend on perceptions of attributes, such as safety and acceptance. Together with social norms, roles, emotions, and perceived control, these attitudes drive payment intentions. Although payment intentions are the key determinant of payment behaviour, payment habits also play an important role in explaining how consumers pay. 
Keywords: payment behaviour, attitude, intention, socio-psychological model, consumer survey, habit, social norms, personal norm, roles, control, emotions.
JEL classifications: D14, D11, D03, Z13.

Working paper no. 532.

532 - Payment behaviour: the role of socio-psychological factors



  • Carin van der Cruijsen
  • Frank van der Horst