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23 maart 2020 Onderzoek Toezichtlabel Working Papers
We investigate the relationship between product diversification and performance in the Dutch property-liability (P&L) insurance industry for the period 2007-2018. We employ a two-step approach: we first investigate the drivers of diversification and, as a second step, we investigate the impact of diversification on risk and return. Our results suggest that the impact of diversification can be beneficial, as it reduces an insurers risk. Diversification is however also associated with lower returns, while it is not significantly related to risk-adjusted returns. Furthermore, the impact of diversification on performance is contingent upon an insurers size and its extent of diversification. 

Keywords: insurance companies; diversification; risk; performance 
JEL codes G22; G32; L25

Working paper no. 677

677 - Product diversification as a performance boosting strategy? Drivers and impact of diversification strategies in the property-liability insurance industry



  • Patty Duijm
  • Ilke Van Beveren