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02 mei 2022 Onderzoek Toezichtlabel Working Papers
Central banks are increasingly reaching out to the general public to motivate and explain their monetary policy actions. One major aim of this outreach is to guide inflation expectations; another is to ensure accountability and create trust. This article surveys a rapidly-growing literature on central bank communication with the public. We first discuss why and how such communication is more challenging than communicating with expert audiences. Then we survey the empirical evidence on the extent to which this new outreach does in fact affect inflation expectations and trust. On balance, we see some promise in the potential to inform the public better, but many challenges along the way. (JEL D12, D84, E52, E58, G53)

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JEL codes D12; D84; E52; E58; G53

Working paper no. 744

No. 744 – Central Bank Communication with the General Public: Promise or False Hope?



  • Alan Blinder
  • Michael Ehrmann
  • Jakob de Haan
  • David-Jan Jansen