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Account holders living outside of the Netherlands

On 22 April 2022, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) decided to activate the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) for Amsterdam Trade Bank. DNB administers the DGS on behalf of the Dutch government.

If you are an account holder of Amsterdam Trade Bank, you will find here all the information about the deposit guarantee process for Amsterdam Trade Bank and about what you need to do to receive compensation.

Dormant/inactive or closed accounts

If you have received a letter from DNB and you had a balance of five euros or more on dormant/inactive or closed accounts, you can use the Form for dormant accounts to indicate the payment account to which you wish to receive your reimbursement. Account holders with a balance of five euros or more on dormant accounts have received the form by post. You can also fill in the Form for dormant accounts digitally, in which case you can download the form here:

Form for dormant accounts


You can complete the form digitally or with pen on printed paper. On this page you will find further instructions for signing the form. After you have completed and signed the form, you can submit it by post to DNB.

For more information on dormant accounts, see Frequently Asked Questions (Veelgestelde vragen) at the bottom of this page.

Receiving compensation under the deposit guarantee for Amsterdam Trade Bank

Account holders have received a letter from DNB outlining the steps they need to take to receive compensation. To get your money back, you will need an account at another bank than Amsterdam Trade Bank including FIBR. Attached to the letter, DNB will send you a form on which you can indicate in which account you would like to receive your compensation. Submit your completed and signed form along with supporting documentation by post.

Please note: If you receive compensation, your claim on Amsterdam Trade Bank and all associated rights (including interest) is transferred to the Deposit Guarantee Fund for the amount paid out to you. Please refer to the veelgestelde vragen for more information.

In case you have not received the form by post, you can download it on this page. Select the form that applies to you, i.e. either the form for persons or the form for businesses/organisations. You can download the form here:

Form for natural persons


Form for companies/organisations


Instructions for submitting the form

  • Fill in the form that you received from DNB, sign it and add the attachment(s). 
  • If you have not received the form from DNB by post, you can download it from this page. You can complete this form digitally or printed with a pen. If you fill in the form digitally, you need to print the form once you filled it and sign it with a pen. It is also possible to print the empty form and fill it and sign in with a pen.
  • Send the form by post to De Nederlandsche Bank, Afhandeling Depositogarantie Amsterdam Trade Bank, Postbus 605, 1000 AP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Be sure to use sufficient postage. You can choose to send the mail by registered mail if you want to be able to trace whether it arrives at DNB.

Application form for additional compensation temporarily high amount for the purchase or sale of your residential property

Do you have more than € 100,000 in your account(s) at Amsterdam Trade Bank and is this related to the purchase or sale of your residential property? Then you may be eligible for additional protection of up to €500,000 per person, for a total of € 600.000. The additional protection applies for three months and is linked to the amount of the purchase agreement. More information on this can be found in the frequently asked questions. In order to be eligible for the additional compensation, you must inform DNB yourself. You can use the form below to do so. You can fill in the form digitally or with pen on the printed form. If you fill in the form digitally, you must print and sign the form. Instructions for sending the form and submitting the supporting documents can be found on the form.

You can download the form here:

Application form additional compensation temporarily high balance purchase or sale home


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